7 Tips for Successful Instagram Content


7 Tips for Successful Instagram Content (You'll Make a Difference)

Let's be a little frank. Let's agree that Instagram is the number one free time app these days, isn't it? Content that is not too deep and does not require a lot of brainwork, easy to use, with more visuals and visual dazzle. correct?

Instagram content strategy

This is absolutely perfect if you want to pass the time aimlessly on the internet, and for this very reason, it is the perfect place for entrepreneurs, influencers, and global brands to showcase their products to, the visitor of this application is in a position to receive anything!

Despite the easy-to-use nature of the app, it won't be as easy for someone who wants to promote, sell or act as an influencer! He has to go through a long experience trying to provide attractive content.

Whether you have a business, want to become an influencer, or are already an influencer and want to develop your content, the most important thing you need are tools to deliver successful content on Instagram.

content to post on Instagram

You can put a lot of dollars into ads for the world to see, but it becomes a waste of money if there is no content behind them that deserves to be seen. Always keep this in mind when dealing with social media for “content is key” promotion.

Today, we offer you the most important tips and ideas that will make your content on Instagram successful and distinctive, and force visitors to press the follow button.

how to create content on Instagram?

1. Monthly Planning

If you want to make your content successful on Instagram, you should keep these three words in mind (attractiveness, continuity, creativity), and in order to implement these three words, you must make sure to plan monthly for the content you provide on Instagram.

Planning on a monthly basis helps you organize your ideas, no upcoming events, and occasions, and develop innovative and appropriate posts for them.

For example, if you type November on Wikipedia, the site will show you the most important events of that month since the beginning of the known calendar, as well as the birthdays and deaths of celebrities and public figures, which will help you more in planning.

For example, April Fools is an annual trend in which various pages compete to highlight their creativity in posts, imagine how many creative ideas are suitable for an April Fools post? If you have a motivational account, for example, you can post a…

“The three rules of success are wasting time, losing passion, and wasting money, do you agree?”

The real rules of success are quite the opposite, so this post is a great fit for you on April Fools' Day.

Monthly planning greatly helps to achieve continuity in publishing posts, in the absence of planning, you may fall into the trap of neglecting your account for days without posts, and this leads to the departure of followers.

Monthly planning also helps the power of choosing the appropriate caption or caption on the image. Instagram is generally not interested in comments on images as it depends mainly on the images themselves, so a good comment stands out easily.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to choose a suitable cabochon in which you present your ideas in a distinctive and creative way and then choose the appropriate image for it.

2. Create a state of anticipation

If you are going to give a gift, or offer good and special content, or cover an event, that is, if you are going to present new content of its kind, you need to create a state of anticipation and enthusiasm among your followers so that the event receives the required attention.

for example; If you own a small online clothing business and decide to gift a new collection to a fan. You should create a state of anticipation for this event.

This status can be created by posting a post with the format “An upcoming gift for a follower.. guess what?”, or “Follow us to grab free gifts.” These types of posts create a state of anticipation, waiting, and a desire to continue.

The same applies to daily stories, you should continue to publish daily in the same way until the official announcement of the gift or service, you can do a daily countdown, or ask questions and hold polls and we will mention this in detail next.

3. Pay attention to everyday stories

According to the statistics website Statista, Over 400 million Instagram users enter daily to watch daily stories only! This keen interest in daily stories is your path to successful and attractive content for followers.

Questions are one of the most important weapons of daily stories to attract followers' attention, give the follower a sense that you care to know their opinion and motivate them to participate. Questions are added to daily stories by clicking on the smiley sheet at the top of the page and then clicking on the Questions tab.

Then you can add the question you want in no more than 80 characters or three lines. After we know how to add questions, which is a very easy way, the most important question remains. What type of questions should I add?

The questions should be appropriate to the type of activity, service, or product you provide. If you have an account that promotes a carpentry workshop, for example.. we can ask something like:

"What is your favorite type of furniture" Or "what's your dream home" and things like that. These questions are your way to successful content and to attract a number of followers.

You can also add to the daily stories a survey paragraph, in continuation to the previous example, you can add two images, one for warm colors and the other for strong colors, with the question of which colors do you prefer at home?

Continuing to publish this type of story will create double interest in your content, and will give your followers a sense that you care about their opinions.

The countdown is one of the most important options in daily stories, and it helps achieve the number two-element, which is creating anticipation. You can take advantage of this feature to thrill your audience when launching a specific service or product.

4. Sharing Follower Content

Whether you have a large, low, or moderate number of followers, you should pay close attention to what they share especially if this content is related to you in some way, whether in answering one of your questions or sharing a picture in a trend, you should share the posts of your followers.

There are several ways to share the content of your followers. The first is in daily stories, for example, if you share a photo with your pet and ask your followers to share their photos with their pets with the strangest habit they do.

In the previous example, you should not only enjoy the number of shares you had, but you should also share this content and comment on it with interest!

The other way is through the posts on your personal page in the application, if you hold a contest for example a general information contest, collect the names of the accounts that gave the correct answer and say a word to them, this is sure to make them feel interested.

It will also prompt them to share the post in which they are mentioned.

The truth is that sharing content is not the only way to deliver successful content in which the follower feels appreciated, but also interacting with private messages and answering the audience’s inquiries, accepting their criticism and feedback all of them feel the followers care, and it is your title for successful content.

5. View achievement clips and educational courses (Tutorial)

Videos are an essential section of your map to provide successful content and capture a good number of followers, and we have already mentioned this in an article on the most powerful ways to increase Instagram followers.

But now we need to more clearly answer the question of what are the best clips that can be submitted for successful content?

Tutorial clips are the most popular clips presented on Instagram, for example, Tutorials for applying makeup, Tutorials for preparing a delicious meal, and the examples are endless, and most of the well-made clips are of interest to followers.

We highly recommend you add this type of clip to your account regularly, especially those that provide motivational tutoring! If you have a sports account, for example, it's a good idea to also add clips of people who have been able to lose weight by following my lifestyle!

And if you have an account interested in reading, you should share book summaries and your continued reading progress. These ideas, if you photograph them well and write appropriate and error-free comments on them, will be your path to successful content.

Behind-the-scenes clips are also a successful way to add a human flair to your brand. Share your pre-production clips or even clips about your journey in launching your own brand or service.

We also advise you to share your mistakes with the public! Not everything has to be perfect Let's be a little frank, audiences don't like the idea of ​​a perfect account in which every photo and post is glamorous, but rather displaying mistakes and moments of failure brings you closer to your followers.

6. Use of performance improvement tools

a) Insta insights is the most important tool to improve the performance of your Instagram account and your comprehensive guide to providing successful content. To take advantage of it, you need a commercial and public account, and any private account can be converted into a public account.

This tool is truly a treasure! It has perks that are very similar to Facebook insights such as determining what type of audience your posts like, what posting times the audience interacts with, and more.

But in addition to the above, it allows you to analyze each post separately, the number of clicks that post received, and the number of clicks that reached your site because of this post!

In addition to knowing the number of followers, you have gained due to a post, the impressions of your post during periods of the day, as well as the reach rate. And many other perks.

b) Layout from the Instagram application helps you to design a collage consisting of a group of individual photos, this feature helps to improve the appearance of your account on Instagram.

This free application can be downloaded from the Play Store or the Apple Store. We recommend you to try it, it is fun and easy to use.

7. General Tips

Here are some general tips that will undoubtedly help you create successful content on Instagram.

1) Highlight the efforts of your employees. If you have employees or partners, you must highlight their efforts in a proper manner. A successful team is always an idea that fascinates many, and your appreciation of your employees forces your followers to appreciate you.

2) Image quality, be sure to provide images and videos with quality that matches the size of the brand you aspire to. Poor images and poorly lit clips give the impression to followers that the content is of the same level of weakness.

3) Always share inspirational quotes and opinions that affected your life in general and your sources of personal inspiration, this type of post impresses followers of all ages and interests.

In the end, we can offer a lot of tips for successful content on Instagram, but the only way to reach your goal is to be creative and innovative, to search for what the audience wants and present it to them in the best way.

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