9 Best PPC Ads Platforms and How to Choose the Right One for You


9 Best PPC Ads Platforms and ( How to Choose the Right One for You )

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is a very powerful advertising medium, but there is a question that many people face when using it -professionals and amateurs alike- which is the best good PPC advertising platform to promote products or get visitors.

PPC management tools

Answering this difficult question about the best PPC advertising platform may have the greatest impact on the results of the advertising campaign. If you choose the wrong platform, you will throw your money into the sea, and certainly, neither you nor I want that.

So, in Ways 2 Earn Money, we have prepared this short guide on the 9 best platforms that you can use to launch your PPC advertising campaigns for your business, and we will also discuss how to choose the right platform.

Note: Pay-per-click advertising is also referred to as CPC or Cost Per Click, so the terms PPC and CPC are terms with the same meaning.

9 Best PPC Ads Platforms

1. Google Ads platform

The Google search engine is undoubtedly well-known, as it is the most used, every second about 90 thousand searches are done, and thus it dominates most of the searches on the Internet (about 78%).


Google Ads is also the most popular PPC advertising platform, as it supports advertising on millions of websites, on more than 650,000 mobile applications as well as ads on YouTube.

You can choose from two payment models either CPC or CPM, or any other secondary payment systems, such as Target ROAS, Target CPA, and others.

Google Ads platform features

  • Using the Google Ads platform means you are able to target almost anyone in the world.
  • The largest and most powerful PPC ad platform.
  • You can advertise your business via YouTube and apps, not just search engines.
  • There are many payment systems to choose from.
  • Many powerful tools for optimizing your advertising campaigns, and there are many additional tools and features that are introduced periodically.

Disadvantages of Google Ads platform

  • Because of the variety and variety of options, it can be difficult to come up with the right choice, especially if you are an amateur.
  • Big competition for keywords.
  • The highest CPC among all the other platforms especially with the increasing competition.

2. Microsoft Ads platform

Microsoft Ads platform is one of the strong platforms in the market, which is an alternative to Google Ads platform, it displays PPC ads on search engines Bing and Yahoo to be the largest platform after Google ads.

In fact, the platform is very effective in a large number of countries, such as the United States, which controls 36% of the market, or the United Kingdom, which controls a fifth of the market, and through these search engines, about 5 billion searches are performed per month, which is a significant number with it.

Microsoft Ads platform features

  • Microsoft Ads platform ads are much cheaper than Google Ads ads - some reports say 70% -.
  • There are many great analyzes of the results of your advertising campaigns.
  • The platform gives you more control than Google over language, location, and ad scheduling.
  • It is easy to reach the top of the search engine results pages through this platform.
  • The competition for keywords is much lower than Google.
  • Having a very special support team.
  • The platform supports importing your campaign on the Google platform.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Ads platform

  • The CTR ratio is lower than that of Google.
  • Reach rates are much lower than those of Google.
  • The platform is only effective in a number of countries, not all.

3. Facebook Ads platform

The Facebook platform is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms around the world. It has around 2.7 billion active users, which makes Facebook's targeting tools so accurate in finding the perfect customer.

Features of the Facebook Ads platform

  • The platform's targeting tools are among the most powerful on the Internet.
  • No need to target based on keywords, instead demographics are used.
  • Facebook has many users and the impression rate is very high, impressions reach a trillion pages per month.
  • Very suitable for content and visual ads.

Disadvantages of Facebook Ads platform

  • The CTR is very low at 100%.
  • There is intense competition on the Facebook platform.
  • It is usually suitable for older age groups - over the age of 30 -.
  • Many customers have no real intention of buying.

4. Twitter Ads platform

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms despite its slightly smaller number of active users (around 330 million active users).

The Twitter Ads platform is very famous for its marketing effectiveness as the CTR of Twitter is around 1-3%, so it is the best platform when it comes to clicking on links.

Twitter Ads platform features

  • One of the easiest PPC advertising platforms out there on the Internet.
  • Strongly support retargeting.
  • It can be used in different types of B2B or B2C businesses.
  • Twitter CTR is very high around 1-3%

Disadvantages of Twitter Ads platform

  • The life span of tweets is very short, so the appearance of a tweet is very short.

5. Instagram Ads platform

The Instagram platform is one of the most effective marketing platforms in this period, especially since the number of its active users has exceeded the one billion mark, half of whom browse the application daily.


The Instagram Ads platform gives you the same powerful targeting tools similar to Facebook, but with much less competition than Facebook ads, with a huge ability to reach young people, especially since more than 70% of Instagram users are under the age of thirty-five.

Features of the Instagram Ads platform

  • Best to reach the youth category.
  • One of the best platforms for creating visual campaigns.
  • Interacting with Instagram ads is much better than interacting with Facebook ads.
  • Very suitable for attracting traffic to your site.

Disadvantages of the Instagram Ads platform

  • It is limited to specific age groups, so if you want to target people over the age of 40, then Instagram is your worst option after burning money.

6. LinkedIn Ads

The LinkedIn platform is well known, as it is a social network that includes millions of professionals in various fields, which are mostly practical and functional, not entertaining.

LinkedIn Ads has very powerful tools to target a precise audience of people using multiple types of ads, such as promotional posts, interactive ads, text ads, etc. with CPC or CPM.

LinkedIn Ads platform features

  • Unparalleled targeting of specialists in various fields.
  • The feature of promotional publications is useful in content marketing.
  • Offers and messages through the platform's internal chat.
  • Very powerful targeting tools.
  • ROI returns are very high when effectively targeting target customers.

Disadvantages of the LinkedIn Ads platform

  • CPC is a bit high.
  • More suitable for B2B rather than B2C marketing.

7. AdRoll platform

AdRoll is one of the most popular PPC advertising campaign platforms at the moment, and it helps you retarget your visitors not only through the Google search engine but also using social media sites.

Using artificial intelligence, the AdRoll platform understands the behavior and psychology of visitors and then uses several marketing channels to retarget and attract these visitors, and it covers about 98% of the global Internet.

You can choose a payment model from among several models, such as CPC, CPM, or CPA.

Features of the AdRoll platform

  • The platform is one of the strongest in the market for doing retargeting or targeting your customers if you sweat well.
  • The platform works with the most popular eCommerce platforms around the world, such as Shopify, Magneto, WooCommerce, and WordPress.

Disadvantages of the AdRoll platform

  • AdRoll requires you to be a skilled marketer with experience in targeting customers and managing PPC campaigns, so it is not suitable for hobbyists or newbies.
  • AdRoll can be a little pricey at times.

8. Taboola platform

The Taboola PPC platform is one of the most distinguished platforms on the Internet, and this is because it allows you to promote your content on a number of the most famous pages on the Internet, and here I mean pages such as Forbes magazine, Business Insider and other prestigious magazines and pages.

It is a platform based on advertising and promotion of amazing content that contributes to attracting massive traffic to your site or blog, and you can choose between Pay Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Thousands of Impressions (CPM).

Features of the Taboola platform

  • The platform is dedicated to content marketing.
  • CPC is much lower than other platforms.
  • Ads appear on the most popular pages on the Internet.
  • Helps create powerful retargeting campaigns.

Disadvantages of the Taboola platform

  • You must prepare very powerful content to get the desired results.
  • Your ads may be classified as intrusive or spam.
  • It is worth noting that Tabula belongs to a new type of advertising company that has emerged recently, which is called Native Ads companies.

9. RevContent platform

RevContent is one of the best PPC platforms that deal with content as you promote it through PPC ads to publish on other sites alongside similar or similar content to yours.

This platform is one of the most growing platforms in the recent period due to its advantages and very effective results in the world of paid marketing, as it can reach 97% of the American market and get 250 billion impressions per month.

You can also choose the payment method on this platform from CPC, CPM, or CPA.

Features of the RevContent platform

  • One of the big advantages of this platform is that it is cheap compared to the major platforms, such as: Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • The competition on this platform is much less than the other more popular platforms.
  • You can target potential customers with more than 3000 targeting options - for Facebook only 800 targeting options -.
  • It has thousands of partners from the site to display ads for your PPC campaigns.

Disadvantages of the RevContent platform

  • Its ads are sometimes categorized as spammy.
  • It does not have as much reach as the popular platforms.

In the end; These are only 9 platforms for PPC ads, but on the Internet, you may find hundreds of other platforms that can make a huge difference in achieving your marketing goals, now let's move on to the last part of our article which we highly recommend you read carefully.

How to choose the right PPC advertising platform

Experts say that there are five main factors that should determine the right CPC advertising platform for the business you are advertising, and these factors are:

1. Objective of advertising campaigns

The first and most important factor that determines the CPC advertising platform that you will choose is the goal of the advertising campaigns. According to experiments and research, there are more effective platforms than others according to marketing goals.

Facebook Ads platform is ideal for brand awareness, Google Ads platform is more suitable for driving sales, AdRoll is better for retargeting, and so on.

2. The nature of the business

A complete understanding of the business is the challenge the marketer has to go through in order to achieve the marketing objectives of this business efficiently and effectively.

This starts with the nature of the business, whether it is B2B or B2C, there are platforms that can target workers and decision-makers in companies if your business is B2B, for example, the LinkedIn Ads platform, especially if your company focuses on targeting workers in the sales and marketing departments.

While if you want to target direct customers - if your business is B2C - then depending on the product or service you offer, it may be better to use one of the two most popular platforms Facebook Ads platform or Google Ads platform or both.

3. Target audience

You have to get to know more about the audience you are targeting, and here I mean the way they are online, their age, and the consequences of their culture, interests, and habits, in addition to the activities they do on the Internet.

For example, if you want to target young age groups from 16 to 24 years old, you will find them on social media platforms much more than search engines, so you will have to use platforms such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, or Instagram Ads.

But in all cases, it is preferable to do A/B testing, and get real results that guide you in using the right PPC advertising platform for your business, especially if the most important factor is the target audience factor.

4. Marketing budget

One very important factor to keep in mind is the marketing budget because if your budget is limited or a bit small, it will be the factor that determines the PPC advertising platforms that you will use.

The marketing budget also controls the strategy through which you target and manage your marketing campaigns, and it may prompt you from the start to change the marketing channel from PPC to one of the other marketing platforms.

5. Customer Intention

The intention of customers or their location from the marketing funnel is an important factor in determining the appropriate platform for your business, as we will see in the next lines.

Customers at the top and middle of the marketing funnel either need awareness of your product or service or who are in the interest stage with specific platforms that are most effective with them, such as Facebook Ads.

With the Facebook Ads platform, you can target a very wide base of customers, and you will be able to reach a large number of potential customers thanks to the relatively low prices of this platform.

While using this platform with customers at the bottom of the funnel in the want or action stages will be completely ineffective most of the time, so you will need to use another platform that allows for example retargeting to try to get them to buy.

And with the end of the five factors and the end of the article I must tell you; In the world of PPC advertising, there is no sure rule, not even steps that work for everyone, so you have to experiment first to find the platforms and methods that suit your business.

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