9 e-commerce skills you need to acquire in 2022


9 e-commerce skills you need to acquire in 2022

E-commerce is one of the most profitable fields these days, which is experiencing significant growth every day than the day before, and this is what makes many think about entering this field.

marketing e commerce

But starting an e-commerce business is not easy at all, in the beginning, all the work is on you, and you are completely responsible for every detail, big or small.

With this confusion and lack of great previous experience, you may miss some things, which is why we wrote this article for you, to help you join the “Winners” club.

In this article on e-commerce skills, we will talk to you about the 9 most important skills you need to make your e-commerce success.

There are many important e-commerce skills that you may need, but in this article, we will introduce you to the 9 most essential and necessary skills for your success.

We collected and selected these skills based on our experience and study of many successful online store owners and their success stories.

And now to a detailed text explanation of e-commerce skills:

1. Skill of learning ability.

e commerce market

The first and most important skill of e-commerce skills is the ability to learn. Naturally, you are not aware of many things, and perhaps in the beginning you will not know anything at all, so you will only have learning in your hand.

This skill is not only useful at the beginning, but it is useful as long as you are in the e-commerce market, things change quickly and you will find yourself having to learn a lot of new things even if you are successful and even a pioneer in your niche.

You can learn in many ways. You can learn from e-commerce courses, YouTube channels about e-commerce, or even e-commerce books.

As the source does not matter as long as you learn and apply what you have learned to your online store, and in general, you will find here in the winners all the resources that you may need during your journey in the e-commerce section of the site.

You can develop your ability to learn through a very great course on the Coursera platform, which is a course to learn how to learn.

This wonderful course will provide you with all the techniques and methods that will help you learn any subject or skill you want and become professional.

2. Digital Marketing Online Skill.

Marketing Online

Digital marketing is an indispensable skill in any online activity, you need it to advertise your presence and that of your store.

There is no need to mention its importance to be able to sell your products, your store must have one marketing message that sticks in the minds of your customers for them to remember your store and your products and buy them.

Also, digital marketing will help you in promoting the unique selling point (USP) through which you will differentiate your products and your store from the competition.

In order not to bore you, I will list the most important points that you should keep in mind:

  • social media.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Search engine ads.
  • Search Engine Optimization.

  • social media

Social media is one of the powerful tools that will help you sell your products, get new customers and also keep the ones you have.

Whether through Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest, you need to learn how to use these platforms, and what content is popular on them to succeed and achieve the results you want.

In addition to the free methods, it is also possible to try the paid ads of these platforms which may bring you amazing profits.

And you can learn free and paid marketing through social media from the best possible source, which is the articles of the winners, and you will find many useful articles and directories on our website.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful e-commerce tools out there and sometimes, especially if you're selling in the US or Western countries, it will be the source of the bulk of your sales.

Through e-mail, you can tell your customer about special offers and products, or even offer him discount coupons for a limited time or get his feedback on your products.

Or, most important of all, connect with him emotionally by telling him the story of your brand and your journey to this point, which can make him relate to your products and build loyalty to your store.

This type of marketing is very neglected in our world, but the few who have taken an interest in it and use it know its power and know how much profit can be made from it.

  • Search engine ads

The search engine is the place that many go to start their buying journey, so you should pay attention to it very much.

You can do this through search engine advertising or SEM marketing.

Search engine marketing is a powerful marketing tool in more than one niche. If the products you sell are among them, you should definitely invest in Google or Bing search engine ads.

By targeting the right keywords, you will be able to find customers who are already intent on buying and selling your products to them easier than any other marketing method.

Because of all that we have said, digital marketing skill is one of the most important e-commerce skills ever.

  • Search Engine Optimization

As we mentioned, the search engine is the place that customers often turn to start their online purchase journey, so the more advanced you are in the search results, the greater your luck in terms of customers’ interest and a visit to your site or store.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a few practices that you need to raise your site’s ranking or make it to the top of search results for keywords used by customers.

SEO is indispensable in e-commerce, the higher your site is, the more traffic or visitors who enter your site, and thus your sales and profits increase.

I advise you to follow the Ways 2 Earn Money website because soon we will be publishing a lot of useful SEO articles that will make a big difference in your online store’s ranking on search engines.

3. Search skill

data marketing

The skill of research is an essential skill that you must master, because it will help you a lot with other e-commerce skills, and you will use it frequently throughout your career.

For example, you will need to search for the appropriate keywords for the SEO and search engine ads that you will make.

Also, you will need to research your competitors and analyze them properly to understand their strengths and weaknesses to come up with ways to beat them.

At some point, you may have to search for influencers to market your brand and products, as the search never stops, and it is one of the most important e-commerce skills.

There are so many examples of e-commerce research that it takes an entire article to mention, but we'll stop there so as not to dwell on you.

As for how to master this skill, I do not know a better way than research through implementation, you have to do the experiment, and then learn from your mistakes until you reach the stage of mastery.

4. What is needed for content writing?

marketing writing

The fourth skill on our list is without a doubt one of the most important e-commerce skills ever without which your e-commerce will not succeed.

It is the skill of writing content and writing marketing content for your store, and it is a very important part of any online marketing process of any kind.

We have a very popular saying: “Content Is King” and it is very true, content is how you can communicate with your customers.

Whether you want to write a description of your products, an advertisement, a newsletter, a call to action, an article, or anything else you will need.

And it is not an easy-to-learn e-commerce skill either, you need to maintain a distinctive tone or tone for your product that suits your target audience, in addition to many other specialized matters.

Writing is not at all, but based on the target audience you are writing for, and here we return to the point that research is important in order to understand and know your target audience to write content that affects it and pushes it to buy your products.

5. Design skill


Design skill is one of the important e-commerce skills. If the text and content are important, then a picture is worth a thousand words. As for the design of your site, it is the capital of your e-commerce.

Sometimes, especially in the Arab world, the quality of the designs may be one of the distinguishing points of your e-commerce from competitors, and here I do not mean only the designs of social media, but also the design of your online store itself.

Great designs provide an opportunity to grab your customers' attention, especially on social media platforms, this interest translates into sales and profits.

And the results may be very shocking regarding designs, as some statistics indicate that more than 75% of customers judge the quality of your products through your different designs, especially the design of your store itself.

Of course, you can not have that skill and succeed in e-commerce, today there are hundreds of professional freelancers who will help you, whether designing your site magically or making social media designs.

So don't worry if you don't have the different design skills, but in any case, you should have an artistic flair that will tell you the difference between shabby and precious.

6. Photography skill

seo marketing online

I don't know how to tell you this, but if everything in your online store is OK and done with high quality, your content is great, your SEO strategy is paying off, and a lot of visitors are pouring into your store, then one tiny detail can make all the difference. This is for nothing.

This detail is your product photos, poor product photos will make customers doubt your products and hesitate to buy them until the last minute.

This, unfortunately, causes the failure of many Arab stores, because beginners usually neglect product images and consider them secondary.

This is so common that a lot of marketers working in the field of e-commerce are improving the images of their customers' products before they start their actual work in marketing for them.

For example, Youssef Al-Aqari has talked a lot in his wonderful podcast presented by Five Business about the difference that high-quality product images can make.

That is why it was natural to add the skill of photography to the list of the most important e-commerce skills that every e-commerce owner must acquire.

7. Soft skills

Soft skills

Soft skills undoubtedly deserve a place within e-commerce skills, after all, whether you are dealing with your employees or dealing with your customers, you need a lot of these skills.

You need to have a great ability to communicate and you need listening skills and emotional intelligence in order to engage your employees and customers.

And of course, you need leadership if your team includes many employees, and the list extends to skills such as time management, teamwork, flexibility, problem-solving, negotiation, and many more.

Of course, you will need certain skills more than others, but there is no doubt that during your trip you will need most of these skills more than once.

Learning or developing these skills is not easy at all, it takes a lot of time, effort, and application, but it is also not impossible.

The summary of what I want to say, is that you will actually be able to develop it and you will find a lot of ways to do this, and finally, soft skills are one of the most important skills of e-commerce, so do not underestimate it and start developing it immediately.

8. Customer service skill

rooms to go customer service español

Customer service is one of the important e-commerce skills that are often neglected, whether by e-store owners or even by course providers.

Your real capital is your customers who buy your products and tell their friends and social circles about you.

If you can't get them on your side, you will have lost a very big loss, and to prevent this you must learn the basics of customer service and the different types of customers, and how you can deal with them properly.

This is an integral part of digital and content marketing, because through all of these things you communicate with your customers, provide them with your services and enhance your value and loyalty to you.

Learn how to put your customers first. Oftentimes, the “customer is always right,” and try to take advantage of all the bad and embarrassing situations in your favor and make them add points to your credit.

Simple things you do will make a huge payoff, and your ability to contain them and listen will make them fall in love with your brand.

9. Data tracking and analysis skill

data tracking

Everything you do will leave a huge amount of data, all sales, social media marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns, etc.

And you must have the ability to track and analyze this data, in order to use it later to improve the various operations you perform, so the skill of tracking and analyzing data is one of the most important e-commerce skills at all.

There are a lot of tools that you can use, free tools like Google Analytics or a lot of paid tools out there.

This seemingly very simple step can have a magical effect on your business, without it, you will not be able to know whether your operations or advertising campaigns have achieved their goal or not.

It will also help you learn what your customers like the most and what works for them by doing A/B testing and knowing the results of each of the experiments.


I should have pointed out in the end that you should not strive to acquire all the skills of e-commerce, as you can see the 9 basic skills that we mentioned in our article are very diverse and it is difficult for one person to master them.

So you can know just a little bit about it and hire someone else or assign Freelancer to do it themselves, because each of these e-commerce skills is a whole world on its own, and it takes many years to master one of them.

But do not let my words discourage you if you are still at the beginning and do not have enough cash to hire other people and have to do everything yourself.

In this case, do your best and don't worry that some things aren't perfect, things don't have to be perfect, especially at this starting stage.

In this article, we have provided you with the most important e-commerce skills, which we have collected based on our experiences and many views and success stories of Arab and foreign electronic stores.

We were keen to explain to you the usefulness of these skills and to offer you as many as possible ways to acquire and learn them, and we hope that you have benefited from the article.

In the end, we are curious to know more of these skills that you would like to learn this year, and you can share this skill with us by writing it in the comments section below.

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