Everything you need to know about Google


Everything you need to know about Google

Who of us does not know Google, who of us does not use Google search engines at least once a day, who of us does not have a Smart Phone with a Google product installed, or the company’s operating system.

What do you Know about Google company

In this article, we will delve deeper into this giant, which has become an integral part of our daily lives, and we will sail together in the world of Google and learn about some secrets that many do not know, let's start…

Google Origination

There is no doubt that Google is one of the most important inventions related to Internet technology, but rather one of the most important human inventions in the modern era. One Google product, the Search Engine, processes approximately 4,000 searches per second, 3.5 billion searches per day, and 1.2 trillion searches per year. In fact, the Google search engine processes about 70% of the searches that are made on the Internet, it is the first stop for all web users around the world.

The idea for Google came when two students, “Larry Page” and “Sergey Brin,” met, when they were studying at Stanford University in California, specifically, they were preparing a Ph.D. with a research project. In their research, they hypothesized that a search engine that analyzes relationships between websites is supposed to rank better search results than the methods used at the time.

The methods used at the time were to arrange the results according to the number of times that the search term appeared on the page. Larry Page and Sergey Byrne launched a search engine called "BackRub", which was checking backlinks on the site in order to assess the degree of relevance of the site, and a small search engine called "Rankdex" was trying to find a similar technology.

From the conviction of "Big" and "Brian"... The pages that include links pointing to other related pages are the most important and most related pages to the search process, so both of them tested their hypothesis as part of the study they are doing, and from here the cornerstone of their search engine was laid. They implemented their experience through the Stanford University website, using the university's domain,

On September 15, 1997, the domain name was registered as the official link to the Google search engine. On September 4, 1998, an official company was established and registered in the name of Google, and it was located in a car garage at the home of one of the duo's friends, its founders, in Menlo Park, California. The total initial funds raised to found Google is $1.1 million.

This amount included a $100,000 cashier's check written by Andy Pettico Lechem, co-founder of Sun Microsystems (later acquired by database giant Oracle).

In March 1999, Google moved its headquarters to Palo Alto, California, in the United States, a city that witnessed the beginning of many companies, and a number of technologies that we use to this day were launched, which appeared in Silicon Valley.

(The fame of Silicon Valley is due to the presence of a large number of developers of chips, silicon chips, and integrated electronic circuits, and currently, Silicon Valley includes all technical works, where the name of the region is synonymous with the term high technologies and contributes to a third of investment returns in the United States of America)

Back to Google…After the company expanded very quickly, becoming larger than the two headquarters it owns, in 2003 it rented a group of buildings from Silicon Graphics in Mountain View, and since that time this place has become the permanent headquarters of Google, And that was after it had bought it in 2006 for $319 million, and its name became GooglePlex.

Google Plex headquarters

The name Google headquarters came from a combination of the two words Google and Complex, becoming GooglePlex. Google Blix is ​​one of the most luxurious and comfortable workplaces in the world for its employees. Google Blix provides a unique work environment inside and outside the headquarters to help its employees innovate at work. Google provides its employees with swimming pools next to the headquarters, and it is supervised by a group of professional swimmers and lifeguards to help any employee who is in danger of drowning.

Google also provides pool tables that employees can use during breaks and a barbershop that employs a group of hairdressers that Google contracted with to serve its employees. There is also a gym “gym” and a massage center with a professional group of masseuses who provide “massage” to the employees at any time to remove their fatigue.

There is also a volleyball court next to the headquarters to play volleyball during break times, and Google allows its employees to take their dogs during work hours.

Google provides a children's play area and a place to take care of the children of the children of Google employees if they take them with them at work. Google also provides its employees with 3 healthy meals, and while they eat those meals, they can view the paintings and technical drawings that are created by the Google employees themselves.

Google uses a method to motivate its employees, whereby all employees of the company are encouraged to spend 20% of their working time (the equivalent of one day per week) working on projects that interest each of them. Google has reaped the fruits of this motivational method with the emergence of several services provided by Google to the light of the creativity of its employees, including Gmail e-mail service, Google News service, and the service of placing advertisements on Google AdSense websites.

Based on all this, GooglePlex is considered one of the most luxurious and comfortable workplaces in the world. It helps its employees to be constantly creative and increase loyalty and a full affiliation with Google. In general, Google has 54,000 employees distributed in more than 40 countries around the world (now Google has headquarters in many countries around the world).

Charitable work and the societal role of Google

In 2004 Google created a charitable foundation for profit (using profits to serve communities), and called it, with an initial capital of 1 billion US dollars. The main objective of the Foundation is to spread awareness of climate change, global public health, and global poverty.

The first major project of the Google Charity Foundation was the development of an electric car, with the possibility of providing it with small quantities of fuel and the possibility of charging it electrically. This car can travel 100 kilometers per liter of fuel in addition to electric charging, which reduces the proportion of exhaust emitted from it. It is worth noting that Larry Brilliant is the founder and director of this institution.

Google had announced a project called 100^10, which accepts ideas and suggestions on how to help the community, then allows users of the Google search engine to vote on the ideas they like, and the ideas that get the most votes get together a $ 10 million prize.

Google's partnerships with other companies and organizations

Google has worked with many companies to improve products and services, as part of its societal role. Among the partnerships announced by its long-term research partnership with NASA, where Google is co-founding a research center at NASA's Ames Research Center.

The primary mission of this center is data management at scale, distributed accounting at scale, bio-convergence of nano-information, and the promotion of the aerospace industry.

Google also formed a partnership with Sun Microsystems prior to its merger with Oracle. The goal of the partnership was to help share their respective technologies, and among the terms of the partnership, Google hired employees to help develop Open Source software.

Google has also partnered with the two auto giants KIA and Hyundai Motors, to integrate Google Maps into the specifications of the cars launched by the two companies.

The effect of Google listing its shares on the stock exchange

At the start of Google's initial public offering, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page pledged to potential investors...that the IPO would not change Google's culture in general, and that they were thinking a lot about how to maintain the company's culture and the fun elements within. and its employment policies.

And Google had received accusations at the time from a group of old employees, accusations that Google was discriminating between employees on the basis of age. Meanwhile, the ubiquitous New York Times has opened fire on Google. In several articles she has attacked the company's policy, accusing it of having lost its unique anti-evil and corporate business philosophy that aims only to profit at the expense of the employee.

This prompted Google to appoint a person responsible for developing the company's culture and its basic principles and also works as a director of human resources, and his main task is to develop and maintain the culture on which the company was built, and to devise ways to preserve the basic values ​​on which the company was founded from the beginning...which is to be an organization With a horizontally extended structure and a collaborative working environment.

Alphabet Inc. Holding Company

Partners Larry Page and Sergey Brin… the founders of Google have decided to move to a larger model of managing their expanded business by creating the holding company Alphabet Inc, which has become responsible for managing a number of other companies with Google as one of them. Some may be surprised by this step, but some believe that it is an appropriate and good step, given the increasing volume of Google's business and its departure from the scope of its main specializations.

With the new organization of the "Brain" and "Big" business, Google has become a branch within a giant company called Alphabet Inc. Alphabet Corporation forms a group of multidisciplinary companies in the field of technology and other fields.

The Alphabet Inc group includes companies such as Google, Google Ventures, Google Capital, Calico, Nest Labs, and X Labs, and it is expected to include more companies in the future.

Google as a company will be responsible for the development of its various services including Gmail, Google search engine, YouTube, Google Translation, the Android system for smartphones, as well as Google Maps services, and Google AdSense advertising services, with a variety of One of the applications produced by Google on an ongoing basis.

On the basis of this change, each specialized company within Alphabet will have its own CEO, and at the top of the pyramid, we will find “Sergey Brin” president of the Alphabet group, his partner “Larry Page” as general manager, and “Eric Schmidt” as CEO. We know that Alphabet refers to the alphabet and is a human invention.

A quick look at Google's history

  • 1995: The year Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford University.
  • 1996: Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to collaborate on a project called Backrub to analyze website links, and this year saw the first release of Google through the university's website.
  • 1997: is officially born.
  • 1998: Google receives the first investment of $100,000 from Andy Pettico Lichen, founder of Sun Microsystems, and moved from a university room to a garage in Silicon Valley, and Google was listed as a company and institution on the fourth of September, but Her birthday is celebrated on September 27.
  • 1999: Google moved to another office, a team of only eight employees, and venture capital of $25 million.
  • 2000: is published in ten languages ​​other than English. Google also entered into an agreement with Yahoo to be the default search engine for Yahoo.
  • 2002: Google News is officially launched with 4,000 news sources.
  • 2003: Blogging company Pyra Labs is acquired by Google, and Google was voted Best Word in 2002 by members of the American Dialect Association.
  • 2004: Gmail services were launched, Google's shares were put up for a subscription in the stock exchange, and a price of $85 per share was set.
  • 2005: Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Talk are launched.
  • 2006: Popular video-sharing site YouTube is acquired, Google Apps and G Suite are launched, and Google is launched in China.
  • 2007: Acquisition of advertising company Double Click.
  • 2008: The launch of the Google Chrome web browser, and the announcement of a new partnership with Yahoo.
  • 2009: Google ranked fifth in the ranking of the most powerful companies in the world.
  • 2010: Google's entry into the mobile phone market and the launch of the first phone called the Nexus One and the launch of the first version of the mobile operating system called Android.
  • 2011: Google launches Google + and Google Cloud Platform, and Larry Page takes over as CEO.
  • 2012: Google launched the Google Play Store, launched the Google Drive cloud storage service, and introduced a new project called the Glass Project.
  • 2013: Google launched the Hangouts chat system, and Chrome cast was also launched.
  • 2014: Google acquires Nest, a manufacturer of automatic Wi-Fi thermostats, smoke detectors, and security systems.
  • 2015: Google announced its reorganization as a holding company called Alphabet Inc. Larry Page took over as CEO of Alphabet Inc, while Sundar Pichai was announced as Google CEO.
  • 2016: Google launches a for-profit educational platform called Udacity that gives educational courses, and Google overtakes Apple as the world's most valuable company with a total market capitalization of 568 billion US dollars.

In the end, I hope this topic has given you an insight into Google. If you have information or an idea about Google that is not mentioned here, you can share it via the comments below.

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