How to buy cryptocurrency with PayPal?


How to buy cryptocurrency with PayPal?

Many users of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, prefer to complete their transactions using the most popular electronic bank to store money, which is Pay Pal.

Buy crypto with PayPal Binance

There are many ways that you can rely on in order to buy digital currencies, but everyone prefers to resort to a method that keeps them out of trouble and is an easy way. And practical, so we will review in this article the 3 most important sites that will enable you to buy bitcoin through PayPal.

First: Virwox platform for buying cryptocurrency via PayPal

The Virwox platform or Virwox wallet is one of the most important platforms in the world of buying digital currencies. It is a global platform that enables you to buy a virtual currency called SLL, an abbreviation for Second Life Linden Dollars. It is one of the largest virtual worlds through PayPal, but the platform does not enable the customer From complete the exchange process directly, where there is a transitional step that must be passed through, where you must first buy a type of virtual currency trading in the virtual world and then convert it to BTC, it may be a difficult way, but it is the most secure.

Second: Binance P2P platform to buy cryptocurrency via PayPal

It is the largest and most secure and trusted trading platform in the world, and experts advise you to rely on it if you want to buy BTC via Pay Pal. The service is provided by the platform for free. You can buy and sell without paying any fees while ensuring the rights of both parties (seller and buyer) when making Trading operations, all you have to do is register on the platform, confirm your identity, then go to the P2P Binance service and search for offers to sell BTC through Pay pal.

Third: Wirex platform for buying cryptocurrencies via PayPal

It is one of the most important platforms that provide its customers with services represented in plastic virtual cards to withdraw the BTC currency, and the method is represented in these simple steps:

  • The customer goes to the Wirex platform, registers, and requests a card.
  • This card is added to the Pay Pal account, with the obligation to have $3 in this account.
  • The money is deposited in PayPal with the user transferring the money to the Wirex account.

Advantages of buying cryptocurrency with PayPal

  • Safe method and protects user privacy.
  • An easy and simple method especially if the customer has a PayPal account.
  • Against the US dollar, you can buy BTC.

Disadvantages of buying cryptocurrency with PayPal

  • PayPal fees may be high per transaction.
  • Few sites that use PayPal.

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