How to choose the name of your online store in 3 steps


How to choose the name of your online store in 3 steps

Choosing a name for your online store is not easy at all, although, in theory, it is one of the simplest things that every store owner does, the decision is not always easy.

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This name you will choose will be fixed and used and will be difficult to change after that, and many other things will be based on it later as we will see.

In this article, we will talk in detail about how to choose an online store name, and we will provide a practical guide consisting of clear steps that will help you in doing this difficult task.

This article is part of an important and useful series of articles on e-commerce, in which I advise you to read each article through the Ways 2 Earn Money e-commerce section.

Why is the name of the online store so important?

The name of your online store is very important, as it is the first thing that the customer deals with, and it is he who gives him the first impression, and as they say, you do not have a second chance to change the first impression.

The store name alone will not make or break your e-commerce business, but it may be a catalyst for increasing your store's profits incredibly.

The right name is what will give the shopper or customer the marketing message you want from him, and it will leave inside him a good feeling or impression and encouragement to deal with you and trust your brand.

That is why this initial step must be taken good care of and not underestimated. The name of the online store is what defines the store itself and many subsequent things are built on it.

In marketing and advertising campaigns, for example, the name of the store is an important factor in determining its nature and marketing message, and for this, as we will talk about later, it is important to take the marketing aspect into account when choosing an online store name.

Also, the name of the online store is important in order to choose the domain for your store - as we will see - and I will not talk about its importance for SEO optimization.

In general, the appropriate or correct name for your online store must have some characteristics:

  • Be original and expressive: Your online store name should be somewhat new and distinctive for your store, and of course not taken or used by another brand, even if it is in a different field or industry.
  • Easy and uncomplicated: The name of your online store should be memorable and be able to be spelled and distinguished by customers.
  • Available: Your store name must be available to use, and this is for its domain and for SEO, and for its official pages on social media platforms
  • Be relevant to your target audience: Language changes and words change meaning from one generation to the next. If you're targeting millennials, don't name your store the 70s or 60s label.

Before we move on to the next point, I must warn you that the success of the store does not depend only on the name that you will choose for it. If you have the best name among the stores, but there is a problem with your products, prices, or customer service, it will not help you nor a million wonderful names for your store.

But what I mean in this article and in caring about the store name is that it can have a conducive effect on the success of your online store.

How are online stores and major companies named?

I want before we talk about how to choose an online store name that we first look around, and know how the companies, online stores, and brands around us are named with their current names.

It is worth noting: that the strategies for naming electronic stores are not much different from naming companies and brands, the idea is one and that is to put an appropriate name for your business, so you will find me below using various examples that are not necessarily names of electronic stores.

After a short research, I found that there are several methods or methods that are frequently used in naming, and here is an explanation of the most important of them:

1. Using your name as the name of your online store

This method is used a lot, there are a lot of brands, such as Disney, JP Morgan, Louis Vuitton, Ford, and hundreds of others have been named this way.

Use this method if you want to be in the picture or want your online store to relate to who you are your story and your upbringing.

The advantage of these names is that they are easy and simple and that customers easily identify them, and from a marketing point of view they do very well.

2. Obvious nomenclature

One of the best examples of this site, on which you are reading this article, is the Winners site, which if you think a little, you will find it expresses its purpose, which is to provide content related to profit from the Internet, and everything related to improving the working life of Arab youth.

We always try to provide articles that make our website visitors profitable (ie, those who are successful in practical life).

You will find a lot of stores and brands calling themselves this way, but the problem with this method is that the names may be taken from before.

3. Names with significance

The most prominent example of this is the retail giant Amazon, Amazon, as you know, refers to the largest river in the world, which you will find very meaningful and relevant to what Bezos wants to say.

There is also the famous communication platform Twitter Twitter, which comes from the sound of Twitter, which also has a great significance for the platform because its main goal is to communicate and share ideas and words.

Thus, you will find that there are a lot of big brands that are named in this way, such as Apple, Shell, and hundreds of others.

4. Shortcuts

Some online stores prefer to cut themselves short and name themselves based on an acronym that describes them or includes the names of their founders.

A good example of this is the clothing store H&M, or the giant AT&T, which takes its name from the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

5. Compound and mixed nouns

This method is also widely used, for example, you have the name Facebook, which is a compound name that comes from the word book and the word face.

Synthesizing names allows you to get a distinctive and expressive name at the same time for the brand, and the most famous examples are other than Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress.

As for mixed names, one of the most famous examples is Microsoft, which came from mixing the words Microcomputer and Software.

Skype (Sky & Peer-to-peer) and Wikipedia (Wiki & Encyclopedia).

Perhaps these techniques will help you come up with a suitable name for your online store, or they may at least be useful in what we will talk about next.

Steps to choosing a name for your online store

Now with the part that you've been waiting for, the steps that you can take to come up with the right name for your online store.

When writing these steps, I have taken care to be practical and simple to the utmost and to include all the things that you must consider when choosing the name of your online store.

These steps are:

1. Thinking and Brainstorming

Before you start squeezing your brain in order to come up with the right names for your online store, you should first think about what precedes the name.

Think carefully about how you want your customer to feel, and what is the unique marketing point of your store or products in addition to the marketing priorities of your online store, for example, do you want it to be “on hand” or do you want it to be characterized by high quality.

These initial points will give you some ideas, as well as serve as a means of judging and filtering the proposed names later.

Next comes the turn of brainstorming, whether you do it alone or with your friends or partners, you should first think about the keywords that refer to your store.

Whether your products, your personality, the brands you work with, or your services, it is very important to think of keywords for terms that are specific to your industry.

The name will bring other names, and soon you will find your paper filled with dozens of names that make very good proposals for your store address.

During this brainstorming session (s), don't forget to see the names of your competitors, and understand the naming of other stores in your industry.

You can also use name generators, they are very popular these days, and one of the most popular is the Shopify Business Name Generator.

This tool of the popular e-commerce platform Shopify is one of the best name generators ever used, which many around the world rely on.

One of its great advantages is that it shows you only the names that have a domain available to use, and thus it is of great help to you at this stage.

Surprisingly, there are other Shopify tools that specialize in generating names in specific fields, such as: flowers, furniture, clothes, perfumes, jewelry, and others.

After you've come up with your list, you'll now have to eliminate a lot of them, until you come up with a shortlist of the best names in your quiver.

2. Access to a shorter menu

I advise you to do this step after a break of a day or two from the first step, and this is to separate your mind from the names that you have written and to be able to judge them more rationally later.

In this step, you will have to eliminate the inappropriate names, first of all, exclude complex, difficult to remember, and long names.

Go back to the priorities that you thought of at the beginning, and exclude names that will not serve your priorities or those that do not accurately represent your online store and products.

After doing this, you will find yourself in front of a list of only 4 or 5 names, and this is where the third step comes in.

3. Make sure the name you chose for your store is available

This step is perhaps the most important in the whole process, as it's where you'll make sure the rest of the names are available and you can use them for your store.

You can verify using several methods, of course, the easiest and fastest is to search through Google and Facebook, and make sure that there are no pages or stores with the same name.

Focus especially on Google, because having another entity with the same name - even if it's not a store or related to a different industry - will have bad effects on your search results.

Depending on the country in which you are located there may be a database of brand names, these databases may be very useful, such as TESS in the United States of America.

You will also have to look for the availability of the domain name you will use, it is necessary that the domain that matches the name is not taken.

Of course, if .com is not available, you can use .net or something else, but it is better to choose a domain that always ends in .com.

There are great tools that can help you with this step, and I personally prefer KnowEm, which searches for social media and domain availability and tells you almost everything you need to know.

After these three steps, you will have reached the appropriate name for your online store, and you will then only have to create it, and this last topic we have previously talked about in detail through the following article:

Important tips when choosing a name for your online store

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind during the process of choosing a name for your online store:

1. Avoid difficult names that can't be spelled

Make sure you choose a suitable name that can be spelled because if you choose a name that is complex and difficult to pronounce or remember, you will definitely lose.

Because the customer will find it very difficult to remember the name of your store or search for it again on the Internet, that is why choose a name that is fairly easy and simple.

2. Don't choose a name that limits your business growth

It is easy in the beginning to choose a name that is limited to your business or products, but if you have plans to expand, be sure not to limit yourself and your brand to the wrong name.

To understand what I'm saying, imagine if Google was called a Search Engine, for example, what would happen in this case when you start launching new products or services.

Or worse, if Amazon was an Online Books or a Books e-Store, would it be easy to expand their business with that name?

That being said, if you have an intention or even a possibility to expand your business don't limit yourself to a name that will not help you grow.

3. Test the name quality with your friends and family

Ask the people around you whether the name you have chosen is appropriate or not, and see how they react, no matter how bad.

You can think of this small sample as a part of your audience, and their encouraging or disappointing reactions will be a microcosm of your customers' reactions.

Of course, it would be better if you ask people who are complete strangers about you so that they don't compliment you or something.

4. Consult an online marketer during the selection process

It would be very good if you consult a marketer during the name selection process because he will give you tips on whether to market and make a brand from this name or not.

His expertise and field of work will be very helpful, and his opinion may avoid disaster afterward when doing the marketing and advertising necessary for your online store.

And the last tip, which may seem a bit strange but in the same vein, is to say the name out loud before choosing it.


In this article, we've talked in detail about how to choose the right name for your online store using examples of tactics used by major brands.

We've also brought you a three-step guide to help you complete this incredibly challenging task, which will help you come up with a name that makes the first impression you want.

I hope the article was useful to you, and I would like you to share with us how you will choose the name of your next online store.

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