How to create a blog and profit from it 2022


Should you start a blog in 2022?

Blogging is the first and primary source for every person who wants to work or profit from the Internet and make good profits per month. There are many ways to profit through the Internet, but blogging is No. 1 in this field because it is a real job. The more you master this work, the more I found a fee that you can rely on, and this business will become your primary source of income and you will not need any other source, 

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How to create a blog and profit from it 2022

How to create a blog and profit from it 2022

so in this topic, we will learn how to create a blog and profit from it and how to work on it and add content to this blog, all you need about blogging as In general, you will find it in this article to start your journey in blogging.

Steps to create a blog to start working on it and profit from it.

But before we learn how to create a blog and profit from it, we must first know that blogging is a business based on continuity. You will not be able to avoid money through it in the first or second month, but after that, after making an effort from you in this work and dealing with it in a way Corrects and add good content that respects the principles of SEO, you will be able to make money from this work and I will not exaggerate if I say that you can accumulate a huge fortune from it and you will not need any other work besides blogging, there are those who earn thousands of dollars from blogging per month.

Things to know before creating a blog.

Before you create a blog, you must first identify some important points through which you can succeed in this blog and achieve a high position in your blog in the search engines, and therefore you will make huge profits per month and you will not face any problems, but if you work randomly, you will face many problems that from It can make you touch this field and work in another field, and this will be the beginning of failure, so learn about some points that you must know before creating a blog and also while working on it.

First: Customize the blog in the field you are familiar with.

One of the first points that you must pay attention to before you create a blog and profit from it is specialization, meaning that you customize the blog in the appropriate field for you, which is the field in which you love and understand. Do not create a blog in a field you do not understand because this will lead to the failure of your blog, and also It is possible that one day you will feel part of the frustration and inability to continue in this specialty.

Second: Do not make your goal of blogging a financial goal.

Make the first goal of creating your blog and working on it to benefit people by giving them real and detailed information so that people can benefit from you, and do not make the purpose of making money from the Internet, because this will make you not think carefully about the content you provide to people, whether it is important or not, which leads to the regression of your blog, Also, you may encounter some problems that must be resolved, and then you will have a large part of your frustration.

Third: Continuity and problem-solving.

As we said before that blogging needs continuity, you will not find yourself overnight. You have a successful blog that receives thousands of visits daily. This work is based on continuity. The more you continue to write good content and work hard, the more you watch your blog succeed and start competing with Large sites and blogs, so if you want to make profits from your first working day or even from the first month, I advise you to stay away from this field because this field builds on the long term, and there are also many problems that you may encounter that you must work to solve and deal with Without any worries.

Fourth: Learn SEO to lead search engines

The first step that will make your blog a successful blog is SEO, which is to prepare the site for search engines. There are conditions and rules that you must know and work with through your blog in order to be able to publish the blog to search engines. These rules are called SEO, the more you follow these rules, the more you see your site competing and leading the search engines This is the first step that you must work on in your blog.

How to start a blog for free?

There are two ways in which you can create a blog online and profit from it, and one of these methods is free, which is to create a Google Blogger blog. Others to create a blog online through WordPress, and you need to be paid hosting in order to be able to create a blog in this way, for details, follow the following.

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1- Create a Blogger blog and make money from it.

Blogger is a free Google platform that specializes in text content, such as YouTube, which specializes in video content. To create a blog through Blogger for free, follow the following steps.

  • Click here to start creating a Blogger blog.
  • Enter the Blogger platform through the previous link through your Gmail, through which you want to create the blog.
  • Enter the name of the blog and then enter the link of the blog, and then you will have a blog via Blogger, but you need some additions such as:
  • Template, which is the form of the blog, is shown to the visitor.
  • Buy a domain name that is the link for the blog without the Blogspot extension. It is not very mandatory.
  • Add sections to the blog according to the customization of the blog and the area in which you will write.
  • Add static pages such as Contact Us, About Us, and Privacy Policy. These pages are mandatory in order for you to start making profits.
  • Add meta tags to the blog so that Google can customize this blog and identify the keywords that this blog is working on.
  • Verify the blog's ownership in Webmaster Tools to archive the blog and appear in search engines.
  • Add a sitemap and robots.txt file to the blog to help archive your posts.

From here, each blog becomes ready to start working on it and adding content to it, but you must first learn how to write articles correctly subject to the terms of SEO in order to be able to top the search engine with these articles and get a lot of visits and increase your profits.

2- How to create a WordPress blog and profit from it.

This is the second way to create a blog and profit from it, but this method is paid because you need to buy hosting in order to be able to create the blog, and WordPress blogs are better than Blogger blogs because they have more features and ways to help lead search engines if you have capital, I recommend starting to Create your blog with WordPress.

  • Buy hosting from one of the hosting sites, but you must choose a good hosting so that your site becomes faster.
  • Register in the WordPress platform and fill in the data for the blog through your Gmail.
  • WordPress will send an email to confirm ownership of this Gmail.
  • Add a theme to your theme and modify it to your liking.
  • Add the other elements to your blog that we learned about in the way to create a blogger blog.

How fast can you make money blogging?

There are two main ways in which you can profit from blogs and websites:

  • Profit through affiliate or e-commerce, through your blog you may be able to sell your products or the products of others through your affiliate link.
  • Profit from Google Adsense, which is an advertising company affiliated with Google, through which you can add its own ads on your site or blog to start making profits.

Blog monetization requirements.

There are conditions that must be available on your site in order to be able to profit through Google Adsense and add its own ads.

  • Your website or blog must contain sufficient content of high-quality articles, and each article should not be less than 500 words.
  • That the blog or your site contains the main pages such as the privacy policy, who we are, and contact us.
  • That the niche of your blog does not violate the policy of Google Adsense.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • The content is exclusive and not copied.

These are all the ways to create a blog and profit from it. If you want to create a blog and want to work for real and have a desire to continue this work, I advise you to create a blog now.

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