List of the most important and most famous Google products


List of the most important and most famous Google products (know them and benefit from them)

Google is one of the leading technology companies at all levels. There is hardly a technical field that we find that this company has a clear imprint in it. Google products cover a lot of specialties and aspects, and they are in fact very important, quality, and sophisticated products.

Google product launches 2022

Google owns many, many digital products (we can call them Google services or Google products), these products are divided between what is suitable for all Internet users, and what is directed to the service of business owners, and there are also many services for developers.

In this article, we review a group of the most important and most famous Google products.

The most important and most popular Google products

1- Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the free digital products that Google offers to all users from all over the world. Google Maps service started on a small scale and began to expand little by little until it reached what it is today. It covers almost all parts of the globe, and tens of millions around the world depend on Google Maps in order to get the places and locations they want to go to or the places they just want to explore.

If you travel to one of the cities or countries, you can explore their most prominent landmarks and the nearest means of transportation to you, and explore restaurants near your place of residence, and there are some restaurants that put their menus on Google Maps as part of advertising for themselves.

Google Maps services can be obtained in different ways…such as using its application on your smartphone, or through the Internet browser on computers, and there are many modern cars equipped with it as well.

Google Maps Link

2- Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser is one of the best and most popular web browsers that exist today, which is used by a large segment of users for the purpose of browsing the Internet. Google Chrome is characterized by the elegant interface that is easy to use, the ability to smoothly control the various options and capabilities in it, and it is characterized by providing many browsing options for users.

It also supports working on all operating systems, and Google Chrome is the most downloaded browser on users' devices.

google chrome link

3- Google Search Engine

Google search engine is the main and most used search engine on the Internet. Most Internet users use the Google search engine at least once a day, and many of these users use Google dozens of times a day and spend a lot of time searching through it.

The Google search engine is a multilingual, multi-search engine and multiple results. The results that appear on it are displayed in different classifications according to what suits the user who is searching or according to the topic of his search.

Google search engine link

4- Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best Google products, it allows you to create advanced text files, share them with your friends, and give others access and edit them. These files are not stored on your device, but they are stored on Google servers, so you can access them through any device, through your email address.

This product is a replacement for the Microsoft Word product. In fact, Google also has an alternative to Microsoft Excel called Google Sheets, and it also has an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint called Google Slides, in addition to its Google Forms product that belongs to this category of products.

Google docs link

5- Google Books

Google Books is a service from Google that allows you to search for books, browse some pages of them and get to know them in part, as well as search for books in a specific field. This service is great for finding out about books before you buy them, and also for doing research on a particular topic through what the books have covered on that topic, rather than what is on the web.

Google Books Link

6- Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the best translation sites, which includes translation from any language to any other language. Although Google translations are sometimes inaccurate, the product is constantly evolving, and it can be relied on in many cases, especially in the translation of single words.

Google translate link

7- Google Trends

Google Trend is a product from Google that allows the user to know the most common words or phrases searched in Google at a specific time and in a particular country. It provides a lot of data that helps business owners and website owners to reach the topics of interest to their target audience.

Google Trends Link

8- Google News

Google News is a great product from Google that allows you to follow local and international news instantly, from several sources on the same page, in addition to the divisions of news by type and region, and also you can know the most popular news of the day.

With the Google News product, you do not need to go to all the news sites to know the news that you want to follow and know, but what you have to do is adjust the sources and follow the news from only one place.

Google News Link

9- Google Codes

Google Codes is a code search product, which is very useful for programmers and developers, and Google also provides free hosting for Open Source projects on the Google Code Archive.

Google code link

10- Google Blogger

Blogger is one of the coolest Google products ever, and it allows you to create a free blog on the Internet. (A blog is a small site that is usually a personal one in which its owner writes articles and blogs), and Blogger is the most famous worldwide in the field of free blogging. For Google, expect to get the best search results on the Google search engine.

Blogger link

11- Google Sites

Through this product, anyone can build their website easily and completely for free. In fact, Google sites are different from Blogger… If you want a blog in which you write blog posts, then Blogger is the best, either if you want to create your own introductory site or a company site, then Google Sites is the best for you.

Google Sites Link

12- Google Finance

Through Google Financial, you can view the latest economic news, and it also allows you to follow the stock market shares in the global stock exchanges and the local stock exchange. Through it, you can also know the exchange rates of different currencies. You will also find in Google Finance a lot of news and other financial data.

Google Financial Link

13- Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the best calendar management tools, especially after Google developed it and added new features geared towards business use cases.

Google calendar link

14- Google Drive storage

Google Drive is one of the most important and wonderful Google products ever. Google Drive includes access to a suite of other associated tools, including Google Docs, Google Sheet, and Google Slides. And Google Drive allows you to collaborate with others in real-time over the Internet.

Google Drive comes free with limited storage (15GB), with the option to purchase more storage. You can also install Google Drive on your computer to sync your files online.

Google Storage Link

15- Android 

Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world, which is used by most smartphone manufacturers. Android is developed by the Open Handset Alliance, operated by Google, a consortium of 84 carriers, phone component manufacturers, and software developers committed to developing open standards for mobile phones.

Android OS link

16- Google Groups

Google Groups is a great product provided by Google that allows you to create “groups” groups, or join a specific group, with the ability to discuss and share among members.

Google groups link

17- Google Earth

Google Earth allows users to walk around in an anthropomorphic globe, and visit any place on it. Google Earth is available in three types, the first is free, the second and the third you can try and then pay an annual subscription to use them, and they provide greater possibilities and provide more information about the locations of airports, supermarkets, corporate buildings, major libraries, etc.

google earth link

18- Google Sky Google Sky

Google Sky is a very wonderful service for outer space enthusiasts. It enables the user to view the sky and outer space over the Internet. It allows users to view and share images from NASA and a digital survey of the sky, and the images come from the Hubble Space Observatory.

Google Sky link

With this, we have finished our list today that includes the most important and most famous Google products, you also share with us the Google products that you use personally and why you think that they are important and distinctive.

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