How to make money online for free - Top 10 guaranteed sites

how to earn money online without paying anything?

In this topic, we will get acquainted with the best sites for making money from the Internet, guaranteed and in an easy way. At the present time, working online has become the most searched and requested field by young people and people who are interested in the Internet, in general, to benefit from it instead of wasting time on it in matters that have no benefit.

make money from the internet

Therefore, if you want to achieve a monthly income through the Internet, you can easily achieve this through many different areas that you can work on and profit through the Internet with ease and without any effort, so we will provide you in this topic the best profit sites from The secured and honest internet that can be worked on to achieve excellent profits daily with minimal effort.

Sites to make money from home online easy and guaranteed 2022.

  • Google AdSense for profit through ads that can be placed on YouTube channels and websites.

  • Yougov site to profit from the Internet in an easy and secure way through questionnaires.

  • paidra, which is another site to profit from surveys and also by performing some tasks, and it is an honest and guaranteed site, and more than 10 dollars per day can be achieved through it.

  • CPA grip site to profit from CPA offers that can be promoted and win huge amounts per month.

  • Fiverr is a site for profit from the Internet by performing micro-services, and it is a very guaranteed site for profit from the Internet.

  • Up 4 ever is a site for profit from uploading files in an easy and secure way.

  • Getsurl site to profit from the Internet by shortening links.

  • Get paid to is a site to earn money by performing some tasks, whether playing games, downloading applications, or others.

  • Amazon is the best and most famous store in the world to profit from affiliate marketing.

  • Udemy is a site for profit from selling educational hacks and courses.

1- Google Adsense for profit through ads that can be placed on your site or YouTube channel.

Google Adsense is a company affiliated with Google that specializes in promoting advertisements on websites and YouTube channels. The advertiser and the publisher so that you take the ads from the advertiser for a fee and put them on the sites and blogs, as we said so that the advertiser benefits and the publisher also benefit from these ads by obtaining a large percentage of the money from the advertiser in exchange for placing these ads in his content, so if you want to work with Google Adsense you must first have a website, blog, or even a YouTube channel to place Adsense ads on it, but in order to be able to place ads, you must first apply for Adsense and be accepted by it in order to be able to place ads and make profits, as it is the first source of money for site owners and YouTube channels.

Conditions for accepting Adsense for websites and YouTube channels

1- As for YouTube channels, the channel must have achieved 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watching videos within 12 months of creating this channel, and this is not difficult.

2- With regard to sites and blogs: you must have sufficient content on the site or blog, and add some pages that Adsense requests from you, and there are also some other things that you must know before submitting your site to Adsense because we will not be able to provide all the conditions for accepting sites in Adsense even Don't linger on this topic.

2- Yougov is the best and most reliable site for profit from surveys.

There are many secured Internet profit sites that specialize in the field of surveys, meaning that these sites provide you with a set of questionnaires or surveys on a specific thing, whether a product or others, to get to know the opinions of people in these products and also to identify suggestions by these people to develop this product, it is During this survey, private companies benefit from these products to improve them and learn about people’s opinions. At the same time, the person who fills out these surveys benefits from a percentage of the profit on each survey he fills out, and there are many sites that provide you with these surveys or surveys daily to profit through with ease. This is the easiest way to earn money online in a secure manner, and the most famous of these sites is YouGov.

YouGov is a site belonging to an Emirate company specialized in the field of questionnaires or surveys. YouGov is the first Arab site in the field of surveys. It is the most famous secured site through which you can earn easily. YouGov provides daily questionnaires that can be filled out by anyone to get a commission. From the site in exchange for filling out these questionnaires, the site deals with points. Whenever you fill out a questionnaire, you get points that can be converted into money by the site and withdraw this money through Western Union transfer when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount of 50 dollars, and there is another way through which you can profit Through the Yougove site, which is the referral, the site provides a referral link for you that you can share with friends until they register on this site through this special link, and therefore you get a commission for each person who registers through this link.

The way to register on Yougov is one of the easiest ways through the following steps:

  1. Click here to register on the YouGov website.
  2. You can register on the site through your e-mail or through your account via Facebook. It is preferable to use e-mail instead of a Facebook account.
  3. Enter a new password for your Yougove account, which must be strong to keep your account secure.
  4. Agree to Yougove's Privacy Policy, then click the Join button using your email address.
  5. Enter the email that you registered with and you will find a message that Yougove sent you to confirm the ownership of the email, so confirm the ownership of the email through this message, and the site will open with you automatically, and from here you will be able to use and profit through your account through Yougove in an easy way and its content.

3- paidera website earn money from the Internet through surveys in a guaranteed way.

surveys for money

paidera is also one of the most reliable and surest sites for profit from the Internet through surveys. It is a site similar to Yougove, but there is a difference between them in that the YouGov site specializes only in surveys, while the paidera site is multi-domain, through which you can profit through questionnaires, tasks, or watching ads And it is also possible to profit by performing some of the tasks that the site provides for the mobile-only, and it is also possible to profit through the offers of CPA or CPC or others that the site provides to you, there are many things that the site provides through which you can profit easily, and to learn how to register On the site and working on it, as well as the way to withdraw profits from the site, read.

To register, click here

The sites for internet profits from surveys are not limited to YouGov and paidera only, but there are many sites that can be profited through surveys and tasks such as:
  1. YouGov 
  2. paidera
  3. get paid to 
  4. mobrog 
  5. my points 
  6. one opinion 
  7. life points 

4- Cpa grip site to profit from CPA offers in an easy and guaranteed way.

cpa near me

cpagrip is a site for CPA offers that can be promoted to achieve huge profits daily. The site provides a lot of offers available to all countries of the world, and these offers can be an application that needs people to register with, a game that needs to be downloaded, or others, and whenever you send The CPA offers a link for many people and these people have performed this offer, the more you get a percentage of profits that can reach 20 dollars for each person who performs this offer, all you need is to take the link of a specific offer from the CPA offers on the site and share it with your friends Or with the people targeted by the offer and you will get a percentage of the profits for each person who registers or performs this offer through your link, this is one of the ways to profit through the cpagrip website, and if you want to know more details about the site such as How to register and get offers and promote these offers, as well as how to withdraw your profits from the site. 

Click here to register on the site

There are also many sites for honest Cpa offers to profit from the Internet easily and in a guaranteed way, such as:

  • max bounty
  • peerfly
  • CPA build
  • CPA lead
  • click dealer
  • Admitad
  • Click bank

5- Fiverr site to profit from microservices in an easy and guaranteed way.

If you have experience in any particular field, make sure that there are people who do not have any experience in this field and need to obtain information or anything in this field, so your experience can be used to benefit these people and get a financial reward through them. This is the idea of ​​​​a website Fiverr is providing services to those who need them and getting a fee for each service you sell, which is $5 or more. If you have experience in any field, whether you are a lawyer and you can help people with legal advice or understanding in the field of technology or any other field, you can sell your services through the Fiverr website, which is An honest and guaranteed site that acts as an intermediary between you and the person who needs this service, there are thousands of people who search for a specific service daily through Fiverr. It also works in the field of microservices such as:

  • freelancer
  • up work
Click here to register on Fiverr

6- up4ever site to profit from uploading files.

It is a guaranteed and honest site for profit from upload file online over the Internet, meaning if you have a file, whether an image, video, audio clip, or anything else that people are looking for, you can upload it or put it on the up4ever site and the site will give you a link to this file to share with the people who They want to download this file, and therefore when anyone clicks on the link to download the file, the link will direct it to the up4ever site before downloading the link to watch some ads on the site first before downloading the file, which is the source of profit for up4ever, and after anyone sees these ads, he will The site directs it to the download link of the file to download it easily, and thus the site has benefited from this person who entered the site through your link by watching ads and downloading the file, and also you, as the owner of this file, you get a large percentage of these profits for each person who downloads Your file through your link, this is the idea of ​​​​the work of file upload sites in general, which many sites such as up4ever work on and also:

  • file upload
  • file 4 net
  • Mediafire upload

7- Getsurl to profit from shortening links.

There are many secured and valuable link shortening sites such as bitly, which is the most famous site to shorten links in the world, but this site cannot be used for profit online, as it is a site that can only be used to shorten long links and get smaller links, but there is another site, getsurl, which can be used in Shortening links and profit through them, as it is the most famous and surest in this field, so you can put any link to anything, whether video, content or anything else, and the site will make a shortcut to this link so that anyone who wants to enter this link to view the content first head to the getsurl site To view some of the ads in it and then direct this person or this visitor to the content he wants, but after watching the ads on the site for getsurl to benefit from this visitor before giving him the content he wants, and you also get a large percentage of the site’s profits from this visitor, you can now Shorten the links on the getsurl site and share the new links that the site gives you with your friends so that you get a percentage of the profits for each person who enters this link to view the content, and we Profits can be withdrawn through many withdrawal methods such as pay pal, Vodafone Cash and others.

This is the best URL shortener.

Other sites to profit from short links:


8- Get paid to the site to profit from performing tasks.

get money from internet

The get paid to site is one of the best sites to profit from the secured Internet so it is possible to profit through this site is very easy ways by playing games, downloading applications or watching ads, and also through CPA offers and get paid to take surveys. It is a diverse site that does not depend on one way to profit Through it, and this is the best feature of this site, where you can profit through any field you want, you are not restricted to a certain thing, and get paid to is one of the most sincere profit sites from the Internet at all, and you can also withdraw your profits through Vodafone Cash in Egypt, PayPal or others One of the means of withdrawing when you achieve the minimum withdrawal value, so we recommend working on this site, especially if you are a beginner in the field of profit from the Internet.

You can also work on another site similar to the get paid to site, which is the neobux site, which is also considered one of the truest and most profitable sites on the Internet.

9- Amazon site to profit from the sale of products.

The Amazon website is a large online store that includes thousands of products for companies and people who need to sell these products. There are millions of people who enter the Amazon website or store daily to purchase products through this site.

There is a special method for this site through which you can profit by promoting the site’s products through a referral link for anyone who registers on the site, meaning if you like a specific product on the site and think that there are other people who can buy this product, you can take your own referral link With this product and give it to your friends or anyone who wants to buy this product, and if anyone buys this product through the referral link for each, you will get a large percentage of the price of this product. This percentage is due to the type of product that you promoted, there are thousands of people who work Kavlet on Amazon, which you can join now and make great profits on each product that the site amazon referral program, and audible affiliate program.

10- Udemy to profit from selling educational hacks and courses.

The udemy site is a site for selling tablets or educational courses. It is one of the very famous sites on the Internet and a pioneer in the sites of selling disks and educational courses. Who among us does not know the site of udemy, so you can make your own disk and sell it through the udemy site and you will find many people who want to buy this disc, and you can also promote other discs and get a percentage on each person who buys this disc udemy. through you, if you are not proficient in creating a disc or course of your own, this site is a great treasure for those who appreciate its value and have experience in any particular field.

These are the top 10 guaranteed and honest sites to earn money online without paying anything. Any one of them can work without any worries. When you make your profits from the site, you will get them completely, so if you want to make profits through the Internet, I advise you to work on these sites and you will be able to Achieve huge profits per month with ease because you will deal with large and secured sites.

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