What do I need to start affiliate marketing and earn from it?

What do I need to start affiliate marketing and earn from it?

The idea of ​​affiliate is not the result of the existence of the Internet, but it is much older than the existence of the Internet, and it is simply based on exchange, as we mentioned earlier.

affiliate marketing programs for beginners

1. A good product, service, or offer

At this point I recommend that you choose something that you are personally interested in and are convinced of, this will facilitate the way for you in many respects. You can get this either through intermediary companies such as CPA companies or through the website of the owner of the good or service and subscribing to the affiliate system that provides it.

Also, if you find the product that you want to market on commission, and when you enter the site, you did not find an affiliate system available on the site, in this case, you can communicate directly with this site, negotiate with it and reach an appropriate agreement.

It is worth noting that there are many sites and large stores available, which allow the commission marketing system, including the Amazon site of the month.

2. A good resource for visitors

You must have an appropriate source of targeted visitors for what you are marketing in order to get a good conversion rate, and then achieve a good level of profits. Factors such as the price of the visitor, the level of targeting, the quantity and nature of visitors play a key role in this point.

But in any case, the source of visitors is a very effective element in the affiliate marketing process, and it has a very big impact on your success as an affiliate marketer.

Here is a list of the most important visitor sources:

a) social networking sites

Whether freely through a page or group interested in the products you market, or paid through the work of paid advertising campaigns.

b) search engines

To get visitors from search engines, there are two ways as well: the first way is by owning a site and doing search engine optimization to get free visitors. The second method is by making paid advertising campaigns.

c) Specialized advertising companies

There are a lot of companies that specialize in selling visitors, and they differ among themselves in terms of payment methods to get visitors.

The most famous of them are (Pay Per View, Pay Per View, Pay Per Click).

3. Some tools that will help you achieve your goals

Given the importance and complexity of this point, and because it contains some details, I will dedicate a special part to it in this topic shortly.

But let us here briefly address the issue. Simply put, affiliate marketing is a branch of digital marketing. And digital marketing contains a lot of technical issues that are difficult to deal with manually. There are also a lot of important elements that must be available to complete the marketing process.

Therefore, tools in the world of digital marketing in general and in the world of affiliate marketing, in particular, represent a very important element, because on the one hand, they are inevitable elements, and on the other hand, they save a lot of time and effort to complete tasks and achieve the best possible results.

4. Online payment method

In fact, working in affiliate marketing requires capital like any other business. Yes, there are rare ideas and cases to achieve profits from affiliates almost free of charge.

But the prevailing truth here is that in order to make profits in your affiliate business, you must invest money, and this requires that you have a means of payment on the Internet such as a Payoneer card, or any other credit card, or you can create a PayPal account to pay through it.

The most important services and tools that every affiliate marketer needs

I will talk at each point about the tool in general, and how it will benefit you, as I will mention a specific example of each tool.

Here I want to note, that you do not necessarily have to subscribe to the site that we will choose as an example for each tool in particular, and you also do not have to own all the tools that we will offer, in some cases you may not need specific tools according to your specific work conditions.

Here are the most important tools and services used in affiliate marketing:

1. Good hosting

Best hosting

Most of the time your success as an affiliate marketer depends on your design of landing pages, especially for what you are marketing.

The landing page for those who do not know is a page that you design to serve as a motivational aspect for the user before he enters the advertiser’s page, and it helps to increase the conversion rate, and by using it intelligently you can change the course of results completely.

One of the excellent and specialized affiliates hosting services that I recommend to you is Liquid Web, formerly known as Beyond Hosting.

2. A tool for making landing pages

We have previously mentioned the importance of a landing page in your success as an affiliate marketer, now how do you design a good landing page? In fact, there are many ways to make a landing page, and here we are specifically talking about the tools through which you can make a landing page in an easy and simple way.

Landing page builders are tools through which you can, without having any code experience, create a landing page with good standards, and lead pages are one of the tools you can rely on for this purpose.

It is worth noting here that there are alternative ways to make a landing page instead of using one of the tools dedicated to that, and one of the alternative ways to make a Landing Page is the use of specialists (webpage designers and developers).

3. A tool for tracking and analyzing the results of advertising campaigns

There is almost no real success in working in the field of affiliate marketing without a good tool for analyzing and following up on advertising campaigns. This is a point full of details and ideas, and therefore we have made a special topic about it entitled Tracking in Advertising Campaigns, which I strongly advise you to read.

But to explain the idea in a simple way, the follow-up, and an analysis tool is a tool through which you can get a lot of details and information about the performance of your advertising campaigns.

You can get very accurate details about the visitors to your landing page, through these details you can make the necessary adjustments and changes to improve the results of your advertising campaign.

Here is an example for ease of understanding:

Suppose you are marketing an iPhone 12 product with an online store that offers an affiliate system (Jumia for example), and you rely on PPV (pay-per-view) visitors.

Through the follow-up and analysis tool, you can find out which of the keywords or target sites are the ones through which you got sales, and which ones you did not get sales from, and then you cancel the losing targets and do a scale-up or upgrade to the profit targets.

In fact, it's not just about that, but the follow-up and analysis tool can give you more like testing a different set of products, and landing pages to see which one is the best with just one campaign (this is called split test).

In short, the monitoring and analysis tool is the real key to success in affiliate marketing, and below is one of these good tools that you can rely on as an affiliate marketer.

This tool is: voluum

4. A tool to view advertiser pages that are not available in your country

Oftentimes, advertisers' landing pages appear only in the target country, this is particularly common in the CPA industry.

If, for example, you are marketing an offer for the country of Norway and you are Egyptian, and you want to see the offer page, you may only be able to do so through a tool for obtaining a proxy for the country of Denmark.

Of course, checking an advertiser's page is extremely important to make sure it works correctly first, and to make sure it's a good and attractive page second. As a marketer, you should do this in every offer you market.

5. A tool to view competitors' campaigns

This tool enables you to view some data about the advertising campaigns of other Affiliates. With this tool, you can see the landing pages used by other marketers, the source of visitors, and some other targeting data.

You do not have to use this tool to copy and apply other people's campaigns as is, because that will not work in most cases, but you can use this tool to get more ideas that you can develop, integrate or apply in other areas of your work.

Your choice of this tool depends on the type of visitors you use, for each type of visitor there are special tools.

In the end, here is an example of one of the tools to see the campaigns of good competitors

This tool is: adplexity

Important tips for your success as an affiliate marketer and making thousands of dollars

1. The key to your success in the affiliate world is testing and experimentation

Yes, information is important, but experience and expertise are the most important. If you think that your success as an affiliate marketer depends on collecting information and then applying it, then success comes, then you are totally wrong.

You should try more products with different landing pages in order to reach the best possible conversion rate, and then the best level of profits.

The visitor source also often works with one type of offer or product and not another.

It is an equation of well-known structure, but it has many variables, and in order to reach the profitable variables, you only have to try and test until you reach success.

2. Don't rely entirely on your successful campaigns at any one time

The idea of working in the field of affiliate marketing is not like one who searches for successful campaigns and ends his mission when he finds them, but the search for successful campaigns is an ongoing process.

This is because successful campaigns do not continue to be successful all the time, as they will often take a certain time and then become drained, or many competitors may copy them, so your share of profit from them becomes less, so keep looking for successful campaigns even if you have successful campaigns now.

3. Think outside the box to get exceptional results

What is meant by thinking outside the box here is to use data or equation elements differently from others, you must add your own touch to your landing pages, you must discover new and diverse sources of visitors, and you must find a way to get great offers.

For example, in the field of CPA, marketing offers from a small company taken from larger companies are less profitable than marketing offers from the main company or from the advertiser directly.

4. Get the most profit in the fastest time from your successful campaigns

As we mentioned earlier, successful campaigns do not continue to be successful forever, so you have to have the ability to raise the level of the campaign to get the largest percentage of profit in the fastest time.

This includes pumping more money into a successful advertising campaign to get more visitors and also trying to get visitors from similar companies or testing other types of visitors.

5. Bloggers can also profit from affiliate marketing

If you own a blog and get good traffic through search engines or social media, you can also work as an affiliate marketer.

All you have to do here is to find products, services or offers related to your blog's content, and start affiliate marketing.

In fact, YouTube channel owners can also profit from affiliate marketing through YouTube.


Affiliate marketing is a huge and expanding business, and billions of dollars are traded online through it every year.

As a beginner, you should understand the idea well, prepare your plan (which includes identifying the type of visitors, the type of offers or goods you will market, and subscribe to the tools that you think are right for you and important to your success), then put your focus in one direction and start testing and experimenting.

Keep experimenting until you reach a successful campaign that will compensate you for all the losses you may lose in the beginning.

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