What is affiliate marketing and what do you need to earn thousands of dollars from it


What is affiliate marketing and what do you need to earn thousands of dollars from it?

Affiliate marketing is a real treasure for every young man who seeks to change his life for the better. It opens up wonderful prospects for marketing products and services that are already in the market, has demand and popularity among customers, and then makes profits through them.

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Profit opportunities here have no limits, and there are Arab commission marketers who earn tens of thousands of dollars per month... Yes, this is true, and if you apply what is in this article, you can be one of them.

In this guide, I will start with you in terms of explaining the idea of ​​commission marketing and on what basis you do it, passing through the most important aspects, points, and tools that you will need in your work as an affiliate marketer. Ending with some tips that will help you succeed and achieve the best possible profits from commission marketing.

So if you belong to any of these categories, this guide is written especially for you, and you will benefit from it:

  • If you want to work in the field of affiliate marketing, because this field has great profitable opportunities, and you do not know where to start.
  • If you already have some knowledge and some experience in the field of affiliate marketing, and you want to have a structured guide to making real profits.
  • If you are already working in affiliate marketing and you want to get more knowledge to maximize your profits.
Note: During the explanation, you will find me referring to some other articles related to profit from commission marketing, which will give you more understanding and open up new horizons and opportunities for you, so I highly recommend reading each article I will link to below!

What is affiliate or affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing: It is a marketing system based on the exchange of benefits between the owner of the good, service, or offer on the one hand (we will refer to it here as the advertiser), and the publisher or commission marketer on the other hand.

In affiliate marketing, the marketer (you) provides marketing services to the advertiser in exchange for a certain commission paid according to the agreement.

The idea of ​​commission marketing begins with the advertiser, who opens a commission marketing system for the goods, services, or offers he owns. On his part, the advertiser sets the most important criteria, foundations, and basics that govern his commission marketing system.

The commission marketer submits an application to participate in this system in accordance with the announced conditions. The publisher is accepted or rejected according to the extent to which it complies with the criteria and conditions announced by the advertiser.

In the event the publisher accepts, the work begins between the advertiser and the publisher, and the advertiser pays the publisher through one of the payment methods on the Internet, and on top of these methods are bank transfers, electronic banks, and the most important of which is PayPal.

You will soon understand that there are some cases where a third party is involved in the marketing process, and you will also understand that completing an affiliate marketing agreement may sometimes start with you as a publisher.

On what basis is the idea of commission marketing and its profit opportunities?

In fact, the idea of ​​​​affiliate is not the result of the existence of the Internet, but it is much older than the existence of the Internet, and it is simply based on mutual benefit, as we mentioned previously.

Every producer or merchant, whatever the type of production he produces, markets his products to obtain the best level of sales, and whatever the marketing power of the producer or merchant is, in the end, it is limited, so the producers began a long time ago with the help of others in marketing their products in exchange for a specific commission.

Here the merchant or product owner will get more sales and make more profit, and the marketer will get great commissions according to his marketing efforts.

With the advent of the Internet and with the expansion of the idea of ​​marketing through the Internet, the idea of ​​affiliate marketing has manifested itself in its clearest, most comprehensive, diversified, widespread, and prosperous form. In the past few years, the idea of ​​affiliate marketing has become covering many aspects of work and marketing through the Internet.

On the one hand, many companies specialized in affiliate marketing have emerged, which rely mainly on this type of marketing.

On the other hand, the awareness of every online business owner increased, so he turned to this type of marketing ... whether mainly or on the side.

In general, due to the widespread expansion of the idea of affiliate marketing, every business owner on the Internet (who does not use this type of marketing) has become more convinced of the application of this idea, in the event that there is a publisher or affiliate marketer who has the ability to provide good marketing for him.

(Pay attention, this is a very important point, and you can achieve more from it, and I will refer to it in other places later).

Some important points for introducing the affiliate field

1. Affiliate marketing is not limited to marketing a product or service, but it goes beyond that to include every act done by a visitor.

Starting from subscribing to a mailing list to completing a complete sale, including all marketing purposes, such as downloading an application or game, subscribing to a site, uploading a file...etc.

2. The world of affiliate marketing is a large and diverse world, and many specialized sub-types fall under it, so CPA companies, like CPI and CPL companies, all fall under the affiliate marketing system.

3. Every contract or agreement between an advertiser who owns a product, service, or commodity with a publisher, and this agreement includes the performance of certain marketing services in return for a commission, is commission marketing, even if it is done personally without a public system by the advertiser.

4. Sometimes there is a third party in the affiliate system such as CPA Marketing intermediary companies between the advertiser and the publisher, and in other times there is no third party and the agreement is directly between the advertiser and the publisher, and in the latter case, this is achieved either by having an affiliate system in the advertised company or by making a special commission marketing contract.

5. Affiliate commission is a variable component, not fixed. Sometimes the commission is a certain percentage of the price of a good or service, and in other times it is a pre-agreed specific amount that is paid when the visitor performs a specific action, and this is determined according to the commission marketing system for each advertiser separately or based on the agreement between the advertiser and the publisher.

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