How to attract visitors to your website


Top Ways to Get Visitors - Top 8 Free and Paid Sources

The importance of attracting visitors comes from the importance of the success of every website from the ground up, so what is the point of having a site without visitors.

How to get traffic to your website fast

Whatever the purpose of creating a website, you definitely want to get visits to your site.

The more visits to your site, the better you can make a profit from your website.

In fact, there are many ways to attract visitors, and there are also many aspects through which the types of visitors can be classified.

In this article, I will try to include for you the most important methods of attracting visits, with an explanation of each method.

You should note here that in most cases I will put links for you to explain each method of attracting visitors in detail.

The methods of obtaining visitors are divided into two main types, and on this basis, we will classify the party that brings visitors today, namely:

  • free visitors
  • Paid visitors

First, the free visitors

They are unpaid visitors and are brought completely free of charge, but they require a greater amount of time and effort compared to paid visitors.

All sites that allow and allow their users to share or communicate with other users are considered an appropriate way to bring free visitors.

This is in addition to visitors to the free search engines.

The most important types of free visitors:

1. Visitors to free search engines

Visitors who come from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are considered free visitors.

You, as the owner of the site, do not pay for them.

If you have a website that offers a certain value, information, or anything that is requested.

You will get visitors from search engines by searching Internet users for the topics covered by your site, then Google will show your site in the search results and you will get visitors.

2. Free social media visitors

You know very well the power of social networking sites in sharing information and communication between users.

Through Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter, you can create joint pages and groups together in certain interests, and through them bring visitors to your site completely free of charge.

3. Free forum visitors

Many forums allow you to put a specific link of your choice as a signature on each post you publish in the forum.

If you are marketing slimming products, for example, you can participate in all slimming forums and share with the rest of the members your product that you are marketing.

4. Article visitors

There are sites specialized in publishing articles, through which you can write an article on a specific topic and they publish it on their site.

Through this article, you can get visitors and market your product by referring to it in the article you are writing.

Ezinearticles is the most famous site where you can publish your articles, and then get free visitors to your site through it.

Secondly, paid visitors

It is through companies specialized in selling visitors.

Through these companies, you can buy visitors to your site or your affiliate link.

However, these companies differ in the way your site is presented to the visitor.

The most important types of paid visitors:

1. Visitors to Pay Per Click or PPC Ads

They are visitors that are purchased from companies specialized in selling visitors by clicking method, and these companies are often the famous search engines.

To illustrate the idea, let's take the example of Google AdWords, a subsidiary of Google.

Through it, you can create an account and create your advertisement with them and you pay only for each user who clicks on your ad and moves to your own site.

There are settings for the advertisement that you will create, such as specifying certain keywords that match the content of the site in order to get targeted visitors.

If you want to get visitors who want to buy a slimming product, you only target everyone who is looking for slimming products.

And that is through the keywords used by the visitors, the target visitor is the real treasure and the non-targeted visitors are almost of no value.

2. PPV visitors or pay-per-view visitors

There are other companies instead of paying them for every click on your link, you pay them for every person who views your site.

In this case, you will only pay for your site or landing page to appear, regardless of whether the visitor interacts with your page or site or not.

The targeting here is by sectors (Category) or by targeting users who visit specific sites.

3. Visitors to banners or advertising images

You get it when you rent certain ad space on a site for a certain amount each month.

But remember, you must get targeted visitors for the commodity you are marketing for that.

Be careful in choosing the location where you place your banner.

4. Email visitors or (Email Marketing)

They are the visitors that you can get through the mailing list that you own.

And that is by emailing your mailing list with the latest topics on your site, or with the offers you are marketing.

At the end of the article, I would like to briefly mention some advantages and disadvantages of each type of visitor.

Advantages and disadvantages of attracting visitors

First, the advantages of free visitors

  • The best and clearest feature of Free Visitors is that it's free, you won't pay for it.
  • You can use it as a test of the efficiency of the offer or the good that you are marketing to others - on commission, or as a measure of the efficiency of the quality of your site's articles.
  • With some effort and time, you can get good results.

Secondly, the disadvantages of free visitors

  • Its result is not guaranteed and not immediate and requires more time and effort.
  • In many cases, many sites consider it intrusive and become unreceptive to those who promote it.
  • Oftentimes it is not targeted.

Third, the advantages of paid visitors

  • Ease of obtaining it, you just create an account and create your ad, and once it is approved, you get direct visitors.
  • More targeted than free. The companies that sell visitors have good and accurate capabilities that help you target the type of visitors you want very accurately.
  • You will not find someone to ban your account or prevent you from marketing it like in the free visitor methods.

Fourth, the disadvantages of paid visitors

  • Expensive and failure to manage it equals material loss.
  • The competition for it is so strong that it becomes difficult to profit from it.

In fact, getting visitors is one of the most important topics ever in the world of e-marketing.

And there are a lot of details, strategies, methods, and secrets.

In each of the points that were discussed in a hurry in this article, there are a large number of courses, books, and even sites that specialize in them.

But here I just wanted to outline the ways to bring visitors.

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