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SoundCloud monetization requirements

If you have a real talent for making music or audio content in general and do not find the appropriate opportunity to achieve views and profits on various applications.

How much money does 1000 SoundCloud views make?

We would like to tell you that the famous SoundCloud application has become crowded with YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram in being a good arena for showcasing talent and profiting through it as well.

Now that we know that SoundCloud is now offering the possibility of making money through audio and music clips, there are a number of important questions that we need to answer.

When did this application become one of the important applications in the world of profit from the Internet? And what should I do if I have the talent to benefit from this application? What are the most important tips and guidelines that will help me provide good content through the application? The following lines will attempt to answer these questions in detail.

How does SoundCloud make money?

SoundCloud has been a place for amateur and independent musicians from its inception in 2007 until just a few months ago, in addition to being free to sign up and download. It was also the main platform on which a large number of artists who later achieved fame were known.

The beginning was in October of 2018 when the platform announced its intention to open the door to the public in order to generate profits with the help of the Soundcloud Premier application.

This app was made 4 years ago as a limited beta version only, but now independent artists can register on it under a number of conditions.. so what are those conditions?

How do you become eligible for SoundCloud Premier?

First, we need to stress that you need to create an account on Soundcloud Premier in order to be able to record and monetize your clips.

Registration in this version needs to meet several conditions in order to be accepted, and you must familiarize yourself with a number of instructions, namely:

1. The displayed content must be completely original and not compromised by recording, quoting, copying, or translation. Of course, stealing from the original clips will immediately expose your content for deletion.

This is despite the fact that some experts have suggested that the application may in the future allow some quotes from the original passages but within limits.

2. To monetize the app you must get at least 5,000 listens per month for your content. The profit increases with the number of these views.

3. In order to subscribe to this application you must be at least 18 years old.

4. As usual for all audio clips monopoly platforms, the SoundCloud platform allows you to get only 55% of your audio clips profits, while the rest goes to the platform, and the platform is fully responsible for registering your property rights to the published clips.

5. The audio clips that you upload on the application are not exclusive, the platform owns all its copyrights.

6. Once you pay the platform to promote your audio, people in all countries of the world will be able to listen and interact with it for free.

Your revenue will be obtained mainly from advertisements on the platform, and it should be noted that the platform will not pay profits to its users directly, because it depends mainly on advertisers in this matter.

SoundCloud subscription plans

SoundCloud offers a number of categories and levels for subscription, each level gives specific privileges, and the higher the subscription price, the higher these privileges, and the cost of the monthly subscription in the application ranges between 8 to 16 USD.

These categories are:

  • Partner level: It's completely free, but limits you to three hours of audio tracks you can upload during the month.
  • Pro level: It costs $6 per month, and the perks it offers is the ability to upload 6 hours of content per month, twice the number of hours in the first level, and also guarantees you to use Quiet Mode, with the ability to install and view your favorite tracks first.
  • Pro Unlimited: This tier costs $15 per month and allows its user to rack up an infinite number of hours. Perhaps the most important characteristic of this level is the informational value it provides to the user.

It allows you to see who is playing or uploading your audio clips, the most important countries, and cities where your clips are popular, and what social media visitors come from the most.

How much money can I make from SoundCloud?

The numbers announced by the platform outperform the artists’ profit rate of other music platforms. The independent artist gets 55% of the profits from the audio clip and the rest goes to the platform.

For example, if your audio clips net $1,000, your net profit will be $550, and the rest goes to the platform.

It is important to know that you will only be able to monetize the app if your tracks are played from the following nine countries: the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and New Zealand. The number of these countries is expected to increase successively.

Tips for Generating Valuable Content on SoundCloud

After we knew very well that the door to earning money with the help of SoundCloud is now open to everyone, especially music lovers and voiceover lovers everywhere, in addition to lovers of recording books in audio clips to serve people of determination.

What are the tips and guidelines that I should know in order to provide good content by all standards?

1. Make sure your songs and audio clips are categorized very accurately, as the song can be bad if it reaches the wrong listener. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that the type of audio clip is accurately categorized.

2. Before you show your audio clip to the public, try asking one or more friends to listen to it privately and give you an honest opinion as an anonymous listener without any considerations. This is important because you also get honest feedback and comments from others about the work you are about to publish.

3. Join groups that match your musical interests on social media, but don't set yourself a single genre. Take advantage of this to attract listeners to your content in a creative and engaging way.

4. Interacting with other users of the application is a good thing that you can do with the help of two ways, the first is to interact directly with others' audio clips, you should give them constructive criticism useful, stay away from exaggeration in insult and exaggeration in praise.

Others will most likely be able to notice your honest comments and will want to check out your content. The second method is to use dropbox in their user profiles, and that will draw attention to your followers.

5. It is very important that you follow people who create similar content to you, do not find anything wrong with that, as this will increase the popularity of your content by people with the same musical taste, and help create a focus of interaction between you.

6. You must be patient, and this is one of the most important tips we give you. Do not lose your passion quickly, because success requires a long-term action plan. You must continue to post the audio clips and work to raise their quality until you reach the desired number of listens.

In the end, we can only say that the world of profit from the Internet has become wide, and anyone can excel in the field he prefers.

As for the Sound cloud app, it's not just about being a talented music maker. You can even record engineering episodes, medical episodes, entertainment episodes, poetry and literary clips, and an endless number of areas that may be the reason for making a good profit.

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