The 9 most important features in Windows 11


The 9 most important features in Windows 11 and how to benefit from them

Windows 11 is a technological leap in the world of operating systems. Microsoft has been keen to provide an operating system that takes advantage of the largest possible number of modern technologies that have become present in the components of the computer at the present time, and from here many of the advantages of Windows 11 emerged.

Windows 11 new features list

The features of Windows 11 are mainly related to the components of your computer, and if you intend to buy a new computer, it is important to review the details of these features, because knowing these details will guide you to the pieces that you will need in order to make the best possible use of these features without paying money. prolific.

In this article, we introduce you to the features of Windows 11 available in the first version released by Microsoft this month, October 2021.

The Windows 11 operating system will contain a large number of features, and it will contain drastic changes and improvements, the latter aiming to overcome some of the problems that have long plagued Windows operating systems in recent years.

The features, in general, include completely new tools and technologies provided by Windows 11, taking advantage of some of these features requires owning computer components that work with a specific technology, unlike some improvements and changes that can be used on any technical hardware you own.

1. Less update size

Microsoft announced the release of the Windows 11 operating system last June. One of the most important things I said is that the size of Windows 11 updates will be less than Windows 10 updates by about 40%.

Reducing the size of updates is a drastic change that deserves to be commended, as Microsoft used to issue updates that were larger than the original size of the Windows operating system sometimes.

You may have noticed a problem with the large size of updates in Windows 10, but I have experienced this problem since Windows XP updates, specifically during the installation of the Service Pack with its multiple versions.

The sheer volume of updates released by Microsoft prevented some users from downloading these updates. A 4 or 6 GB update might not be huge for some users, but users with limited internet see these updates as a burden on their monthly download volume.

2. Redesign the Microsoft Store

In my opinion, the Windows 10 App Store is one of the worst application stores that I have dealt with. The store lacks basic features in the aspect of downloading and storing applications, other than the constant crashes and slow performance of the store, which leads many users to avoid using it.

It seems that Microsoft has finally realized how bad its App Store is and has decided to completely redesign it. The new design will provide more control over the apps you've purchased, and better manage visual content provided by companies like Netflix and Disney+.

A large number of applications have undergone a complete redesign such as VLC media player, Discord, Adobe Reader LibreOffice, and others.

 Note that some of these applications are not available on the Windows 10 Store. Currently, to download the Discord or Zoom application, you need to enter the official website of these applications and download them from it, since they are not available on the Windows 10 Store, but in the Windows 11 Store you will find it and download it directly.

It seems that Microsoft is trying to collect applications on its store which is a late step but it is great, there are applications that need to visit their official site in order to be able to download them.

Sometimes the official website of some of these applications does not appear as a first result when you search for it, and you may end up downloading a malicious program of the same name without noticing it until it is too late.

The presence of these applications on the store is an excellent feature that enhances security and protection, and most importantly, it reduces the need to visit unofficial sites to download programs and applications.

3. Run Android apps and games

The feature of running applications and games for the Android operating system is one of the most awaited features in the Windows 11 operating system.

Currently, you need to install a special emulator to be able to run any Android apps or games.

Although there are excellent emulators that do this efficiently, they still contain many problems and do not provide a smooth user experience, not to mention they consume a large number of computer resources without the need.

In my opinion, the biggest drawback of Android emulators on PC is that each emulator wants a specific goal, one emulator wants you to watch as many ads as possible, while the other forces you to download many apps unnecessarily.

The use of these emulators is due to the fact that these applications and games can only be used through them, but this may change with the Windows 11 Store.

It is worth noting that the feature of running applications and games for the Android system is done through an integration between the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 with the Amazon App Store for mobile applications.

4. Special features to improve your gaming experience

Games constitute an important aspect of using the Windows operating system in general, Windows operating systems are the most supported systems for games since Windows XP, and now the computer can compete with home gaming devices such as Xbox and PlayStation in the quality of gaming performance on it.

Other systems such as Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu are very poor in terms of playing games, meaning that the ability to play games on the computer is almost exclusive to the Windows operating system.

The increase in the number of gamers around the world, the growth of the gaming industry, and the spread of its broadcast platforms made Microsoft pay great attention to the field of games. And it works to add special features to continuously improve its performance, in a way that parallels its performance on specialized gaming devices.

Here are the detailed points of the most important features of Windows 11 in the field of gaming performance:

a) Auto High-dynamic-range (HDR)

The HDR feature provides clearer and purer colors for games, and its presence affects the scenes in games, adding more realism and showing them better.

The beginning of the emergence of the feature of automatic activation of HDR was with the Xbox S and Xbox X, and it was enabling you to play some games that support this feature only, the number of which was limited at the time of its release in 2017.

HDR auto-enablement technology has evolved significantly since its launch in 2017, and you can enjoy it in any game even if its developer has not supported this feature.

Technical requirements for Auto HDR

Support for automatic HDR activation on Windows 11 is related to the presence of components that support it in the first place.

That is, it may be necessary to have a screen that supports this feature, and it is preferable to have a modern GPU graphics processing unit to take advantage of this feature in an acceptable manner.

b) Direct Storage Technology

How the GPU works with game data is as follows:

  • The storage unit (HDD/SSD) sends game files compressed to the RAM unit to be saved temporarily.
  • The compressed files are sent to the CPU for decompression.
  • It is sent back to the cache after it is decompressed.
  • The GPU starts processing game data that is in the temporary memory.

The previous steps are to simplify the process of dealing with the GPU with game files as it is currently accepted on computers.

As for the direct storage technology, the steps will be completely different, as the role of the CPU almost disappears. As you have noticed, the role of the latter is to decompress game files, which requires great processing power and speed.

When direct storage technology is enabled, the technology sends compressed data directly from the storage unit to the GPU.

The GPU decompresses and processes it which reduces the loading time of games drastically. Direct Storage technology takes the burden of decompressing files from the CPU, allowing it to perform other tasks with ease.

Direct storage technology was exclusive to Xbox S and Xbox X as well, but Microsoft's direction to support improving the gaming experience on Windows 11 made it add this feature.

Technical requirements for direct storage feature

Direct storage technology sends files from the storage unit to the GPU directly as we mentioned, and therefore you need a storage unit that has a high speed of reading and writing data, so you must have an NVME-based SSD solid storage to take full advantage of this feature.

Note: Microsoft has withdrawn from keeping the direct storage technology exclusive to Windows 11 only. The technology will be added later to the Windows 10 operating system, but it will not be as efficient.

c) Better Xbox app support

Since its release in 2015, the Windows 10 operating system has been keen to provide applications that support the Xbox home gaming device.

But although there are applications that aim to link your account on Windows 10 with your account on Xbox, the result was not satisfactory for users. This is due to the presence of more than one application for games and one for displaying the control panel, not to mention that one of them crashes every once in a while.

Windows 11 comes with better support for Xbox apps. By integrating all of these apps into one app, the system also offers other features such as Cloud Gaming and the ease of using an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

5. Complete change of Multiple Windows feature

Microsoft directs its support to enhance the concept of multitasking, by adding several features in the Windows 11 operating system. The multi-window feature is the most important feature of Windows 11 that aims to organize tasks.

To explain the usefulness of this feature, we can compare it to a tool currently in Windows 10. There is a tool in Windows 10 called Task View. If you do this feature, it shows you the programs and windows you are currently using and the last folders and files you have opened.

The task view feature shows your open tasks and windows as a form of indexing. The goal of this tool is to make it easier to access tasks and windows that you are working on or have recently used.

The multi-window feature enables you to change the width of each window in proportion to the number of windows and the tasks you perform. Through this feature, you can watch a video on YouTube while browsing a site or performing one of the other tasks. The feature is very flexible in terms of adjusting the size and number of windows.

6. New design of the taskbar and Start menu

Microsoft has redesigned the taskbar and the start menu in Windows 11. We note in the following image that the start menu has changed its location to center the screen instead of being on the left, of course, you can change its location as you want, but its presence in the middle of the screen is easy to access and use.

The presence of the start menu in the middle of the screen is a feature that has long been present in Mac and Linux systems, but it is new to the Windows operating system.

We notice in the previous picture that the shape of the taskbar has changed, and the shapes of some icons have also changed and acquired a modern and modern look.

The new designs for the taskbar and start menu do not result in an increase in the performance of the operating system Windows 11, but they improve its appearance and aim to improve the user's visual experience.

It is worth noting that in general, the appearance of the Windows 11 operating system will be different from the current look in Windows 10.

For example, the system menus will be completely changed, and Windows 11 will contain new wallpapers, wallpapers, sounds, and modern visual effects.

7. New File explorer

We will see a new file explorer with Windows 11 operating system. The changes will not be limited to the appearance of files and their icons but will add new features to facilitate the process of dealing with files by modifying the functions of the Right-Click Menu.

8. Special features to support touch screen devices

Windows 11 operating system will be available on a large number of touch screen devices. It doesn't matter if you are using a tablet or a laptop because Windows 11 will automatically adapt this device to fit the available parts.

Let's say you are using a tablet with a removable keyboard, Windows 11 can adapt to the presence or absence of the keyboard without any intervention from you to modify its settings.

Windows 11 supports showing applications on top of each other, as is the case in converted phone systems, and it also supports application control signals, such as using three fingers to hide applications from the screen or two fingers to open the screen.

9. Redesign of the System Settings section

When the Windows 10 operating system was released, he tried to change the look of the control panel that we used from XP and turn it to the settings page.

The conversion in my opinion did not work, because you still need to access the old Control Panel to access system properties and perform many tasks, the most important of which is removing applications.

Microsoft is trying in Windows 11 to change the look of the Control Panel, the purpose of the change is to make it easier to access and control all system features through the Settings page.

Settings will appear neatly in main and sub-menus that enable you to manage the operating system easily and quickly.


In this article, we tried to explain the most important features of Windows 11 that were officially announced by Microsoft. I am sure that there will be other features that will be present or will be added with the updates that the system will receive.

In general, it is clear that Microsoft intends to make drastic changes to the Windows 11 operating system. It also seems to be targeting different segments of users.

Of course, we will not be able to measure the efficiency of the system until after trying the official version for several months, but I am optimistic about this system and its advantages.

What is the most important feature that you see as important from the features of Windows 11? Are you excited to try a particular feature of this system? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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