WhatsApp Business: How to start a business with your smartphone


WhatsApp Business: How to start a business with your smartphone

The great technical expansion that accompanied the digital transformation of most of the processes of buying, selling, project management, and business has led to the need to adopt more professional means of communicating with customers and giving project owners the ability to manage them digitally without interfering with their personal lives.

What online business can I do with my phone

Today, WhatsApp Business is considered one of the pioneering programs in providing support services to customers and helping them answer their questions and inquiries at times that suit the owner of the project, regardless of his accounts and personal relationships, which contributed to adding more formality and professionalism in project management and organization.

What is WhatsApp business?

It is a program similar to the regular WhatsApp launched by the Meta company that owns the application. The WhatsApp Business application came in response from the company to the increasing comments about the inability to use more than one WhatsApp account on one phone, and therefore the need to either own another phone or resort to other programs or WhatsApp cloning programs, such as WhatsApp Gold and others, and these did not have any protection from hacks and technical problems. The WhatsApp administration warned against using it because of its danger to user data and security.

WhatsApp Business aims to help business owners and private enterprises find a way to communicate with customers, without the need to communicate with them through the personal number of the business owner. In addition to urging individuals to stay away from malware that seeks to clone WhatsApp, and enabling individuals to have more than one account on the same phone.

Why WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business comes as a qualitative leap in communication technologies between business owners, projects, and customers, by overcoming obstacles and providing distinctive solutions, allowing project owners to communicate and answer customer inquiries professionally, without the need to confuse personal life with professional life.

1. Powered by WhatsApp

Unlike other applications that allow the creation of WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, which were developed by third parties unrelated to WhatsApp, thus threatening the protection and security of users' information. WhatsApp Business came as a reliable way that allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of the security features of regular WhatsApp, which achieves the desired benefit from the application, without bartering security and protection to owning another account on the same phone or platform.

2. Professional business management tools

Unlike other applications, WhatsApp Business has a number of features that show its main goal in enhancing customer service, as the program differs from other instant messaging programs, by possessing features and features that help project owners to manage their business professionally, it is different from the case for any other application. , whether from competing companies (such as Telegram) or from other parties that used the core of the WhatsApp application to produce a similar program (such as WhatsApp Gold and others).

3. An economical solution for start-ups and small businesses

Instead of having to subscribe to paid applications or hiring employees who specialize in responding to customers, WhatsApp Business comes at the top of the list of economic applications that are a successful alternative to all means of organizing responses and communicating with customers. It is highly supportive for small and emerging companies and businesses, and provides them with the ability to save expenses and money, and thus achieve success in their field without the trouble of finding expensive ways to organize communication with customers.

In addition to the above, WhatsApp business mainly helps reduce the expenses related to messaging customers to inform them about any offers or updates related to the project, instead of resorting to communication companies and incurring the expenses of relatively expensive SMS messages, it is possible to communicate with customers registered with the company via WhatsApp Business with ease.

WhatsApp Business Features and Benefits

Perhaps one of the most important features of WhatsApp Business is that it is free, as this is crucial for small and emerging businesses that are trying in various ways to access the best ways to reduce expenses without affecting the quality of performance.

First: Create a WhatsApp Business account

WhatsApp Business can be used to create an account dedicated to business, which is different from what is the case with traditional WhatsApp, where it is possible to allocate the account with a larger area to reflect the identity of the company honestly, which facilitates communication with customers and reduces obstacles and obstacles

1. Possibility to create a business account

This is done by taking advantage of the additional features available on the WhatsApp Business application, where the project owner can build a full commercial account that explains what the brand is, its goals, and what it seeks to reach. That is, it can be said that the WhatsApp Business account is able to constitute an integrated platform that enables project owners to introduce their projects in addition to communicating with customers.

Entrepreneurs can provide all the information related to their business activities accurately by filling in the fields available on the WhatsApp Business application, which are:

  • Description of the business or business.
  • Determine working hours.
  • Put the address of the business, if any.
  • Provide additional information about the business's website or email.
  • Determining the classification of the business from among dozens of classifications makes it easier for customers to know the identity of the business easily.

2. Build a product gallery within the application

One of the best features of the WhatsApp Business app is that it gives entrepreneurs the ability to provide a full gallery of their business and the services they provide, which helps customers to get a better understanding of the brand identity.

Second: Mechanisms of Messaging

WhatsApp Business provides different mechanisms for chatting with customers in a way that differs from the traditional WhatsApp, as it provides additional capabilities that are wider than having an instant conversation with the customer.

1. Organize conversations and classify clients

WhatsApp Business gives owners of brands and projects the ability to classify customers and conversations, in order to help them avoid making mistakes, in addition to being able to know the nature of the conversation that should be conducted with each customer according to his classification. For example, conversations with new clients will differ in their call to action, while conversations to solve problems with previous clients should focus on customer satisfaction first.

2. The ability to activate the quick response feature

In addition to the ability to categorize and arrange conversations, project owners on WhatsApp Business can take advantage of the quick response feature, which means reusing frequently used phrases with customers, which helps to save time and reduce the time required to complete each conversation, which contributes to reducing burdens on owners. projects.

3. The feature of automatic messages when you are not present and welcome messages

When using WhatsApp business on the customer's side, he will notice that the account he starts talking with is a business account, not a personal account. Therefore, it is important to inform the customer that the person concerned to answer his inquiries and questions is not available now.

In addition, it is good to start the conversation with positive welcome messages that encourage the customer to communicate, as it can be considered that the welcome message is the cover of the book, or the beginning of the path that the customer will go with the brand, so it is necessary to master the means and techniques of communicating with customers for the first time.

Here are some tips to help choose an attractive welcome letter:

  • Add a human touch to the message content and move away from the automated method.
  • Avoid making false promises or information.
  • Keep the welcome message as short as possible.
  • Directing customers to obtain self-support if possible, that is, by going to the official website or reading the terms.

Third: Marketing to reach more customers

One of the goals of any means of communication with customers is to ensure that they have access to more of the company's services and products and to urge them to make the most appropriate decision regarding the acquisition of more. WhatsApp Business goes beyond being an instant messaging program, it also helps create advertising that increases people’s reach for the brand, getting them to connect with the company to learn more about it.

1. Create Facebook Ads from WhatsApp Business

After the integration of WhatsApp with Facebook, it became possible through the WhatsApp Business application to create a paid advertisement through Facebook, which mainly helps in promoting and attracting customers to communicate with the business in order to learn more about it, and thus make the most appropriate decision regarding its products and services.

In addition to the above, it is necessary to remember that Instagram is also affiliated with Facebook, and therefore the possibility of advertising is not limited to Facebook pages, but rather, ads can be created on Instagram to attract more customers.

2. Add WhatsApp Business to Facebook and Instagram

WhatsApp Business provides the ability to connect all social media accounts, thus facilitating the user’s access to customer service related to the brand or facility, this is done by linking the brand’s Facebook and Instagram page from the WhatsApp Business program immediately, without the need to access one of these two applications to do so.

3. Invite customers via short links or QR code

Some brands may try to attract customers, inviting them to contact customer service directly via a post on any social media platform. Here comes the importance of the link shortening feature or the QR code provided by the WhatsApp Business application, as all that is needed is to activate the short link, copy and publish it among users, to speed up their access to the conversation without any trouble.

What are the types of WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp presented its application as a way for owners of brands and small businesses to communicate with customers and to answer their inquiries, as it sought to enhance their capabilities and enable them to adapt the application and use it in various fields of their business by offering two types of WhatsApp Business application that suit the needs and aspirations of project owners. WhatsApp has tried to expand its target group of users, to include owners of both emerging and large brands. By providing versions of the WhatsApp Business program that are compatible with the needs of each company.

First: WhatsApp for traditional business

It is the application that can be downloaded through any application store, whether for Android phones or iPhones, as small enterprises and emerging businesses are the main targets of this application. They can take advantage of the application and simply download it on their devices without the need to have any experience or employ specific software skills to activate the application.

The WhatsApp Business application is similar to its traditional counterpart in the mechanisms of installation, activation, and use, in addition to the user interface completely, which provides additional facilities for small and emerging businesses to manage and organize their dealings with customers with minimal effort.

Second: WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is not an application in itself, i.e. it does not have a specific user interface and cannot be easily installed on devices and mobile phones. Rather, it is a special programming language that enables companies to benefit from the WhatsApp Business application in a way that suits the needs of these companies, which are usually medium or large commercial establishments in their fields, and therefore need more advanced means in managing the mechanisms of communication with customers more.

What is the difference between traditional WhatsApp Business and the WhatsApp Business programming language?

1. Target group

The main difference between both types of the application appears in the mechanism of their use and the target audience of each. For example, WhatsApp Business with its traditional application targets small and emerging businesses, allowing them to better manage the mechanisms of communication with customers and provide services to answer their inquiries without any trouble or obstacles.

While the matter is completely different for the programming language of WhatsApp Business, it comes as an attempt by WhatsApp to attract major companies and brands, to enable them to communicate with customers in more professional ways.

2. The number of users

By installing the traditional WhatsApp Business application, two people can use it at the same time, by activating it on the phone, and then moving and activating it via a web browser. While the WhatsApp Business software interface allows for multiple accounts connected to the same number, thus hiring more employees to answer customer inquiries and communicate with them.

3. How to access the application

The use of traditional WhatsApp Business is limited to the application itself, which can be easily downloaded from the store and installed on the mobile phone, while the matter is slightly different for the application programming interface API, as it can be included in corporate communication management programs such as Hubtype, allowing more scope for companies in Communicate with clients in various ways.

4. Pricing

It differs between installing the traditional WhatsApp Business application from the App Store and benefiting from the application’s programming interface in terms of price, while the application is completely free to use for small and emerging companies, it is not so when talking about large and medium companies, which should pay certain amounts that specify According to the company's consumption volume after registering on WhatsApp for the API.

How to get WhatsApp Business API?

Obtaining the permissions of the WhatsApp programming language is relatively easy, as all that the owners of companies or brands have to go to the Meta business management website. And then follow some simple steps related to each of the following:

First, fill in the basic information

Any company that wants to access the application API should start by filling in the individual data of the entity that wants to have the interface, represented by the first and last name, and the business email address.

Second: go to brand sizing

In this step, the main brand field is determined and the official name of the company is established, in addition to determining the location of the company's headquarters. This information helps WhatsApp provide better services in line with the geographical distribution of companies and businesses that depend on it.

Upon completion of the previous steps, the owner of the project or the entity that helps the company access the programming interface can send the request to WhatsApp, to be reviewed and respond to it with additional instructions, enabling owners of large and medium projects to benefit from the features of the application.

The role of WhatsApp business in the marketing process

In a world where social networking has become the basis of internet use, it is necessary to think about the importance of WhatsApp in reaching more customers. Today, WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users, making it the perfect platform to reach users from all over the world.

WhatsApp Business contributes greatly to e-marketing because users are more interested in the content of text messages that they receive through the application than e-mail. Statistics indicate that the rate of receiving and reading text messages sent, especially via WhatsApp, exceeds 98%, which makes it one of the ideal means of Attracting customers and urging them to view the content provided to them.

1. Greater confidence

WhatsApp contributes to enhancing consumers’ feeling that they are in constant contact with the brand, thus increasing their confidence in the products and services that are provided to them, and surveys indicate that more than 55% of Internet users prefer dealing with brands and facilities that allow them to communicate instantly, such as communicating via WhatsApp and others.

2. More sales

WhatsApp Business works as a magic method in increasing and attracting sales, as it was noted that when adding a phone number to the brand and providing the possibility of communication between individuals and commercial establishments, it contributed to an increase in sales by more than 27%, meaning that it is one of the successful ways to expand the customer base and attract more sales to emerging brands.

In recent years, the rate of individuals using instant messaging to conduct financial transactions and acquire various products and services has increased, with 66% of online users expressing their desire to purchase products and services through instant communication applications, especially WhatsApp, which offers great areas for emerging brands. Attracting more customers and outperforming competitors in the same field.

3. Less marketing expenses

WhatsApp Business is a low-cost promotional tool for emerging brands, as it allows you to create a gallery and promote your products without having to incur a lot of expenses in terms of marketing them. Statistics indicate that the average user of WhatsApp uses their account at least 23 times a day, which means a greater possibility of reaching customers and ensuring that they receive promotional campaigns created through the application.

How can WhatsApp Business be used in e-commerce?

The great technical development has contributed to enhancing the position of e-commerce in the world, and making it to the fore in trade operations as a whole in many cases, which means the importance of employing all means in the success of e-commerce operations, and thus attracting more customers. WhatsApp Business can be used in e-commerce operations, by following a number of steps that will contribute to the success of sales and attract a large number of customers.

1. Defining the objectives of the marketing campaign via WhatsApp Business

Before starting to leverage WhatsApp Business for e-commerce, entrepreneurs should focus on creating a list of the goals they would like to reach from these marketing campaigns. This method helps give project owners the necessary vision to know how to create marketing campaigns for the products and services they provide through the WhatsApp Business application and improve them in a way that suits the user experience through the application, which ensures them reach the desired goals and achieve sales, attract more customers and convert them into permanent customers.

2. Choosing the target groups of customers and users

After setting the main desired goals of e-commerce operations through WhatsApp Business, here comes the role of choosing the segments that benefit from these campaigns, and who are targeted by them only.

This is by selecting a sample of existing customers and communicating with them to benefit from their experiences regarding the products and services offered by the brand and then choosing the customer segment that achieves the optimal use of the products and services provided. Acquisition of the product or service, and inviting more of their friends and acquaintances to learn about the brand.

3. Building an integrated business WhatsApp account

It is important when using WhatsApp for Business in order to entice users to purchase products and services, to take advantage of the features offered by the application to the maximum, which ensures that the brand owners enable all the features of the application at their service in attracting customers, and urging them to make the appropriate decision regarding the acquisition of those The products and services they provide.

4. Create a list of target contacts for each business process

When using WhatsApp business beyond answering customer questions and inquiries, by taking advantage of the chat and customer classification features, business owners should divide customers into groups and contact lists, they can communicate with them instantly and send offers, promotions, and discounts that suit their needs, thus ensuring their interaction with her.

5. Pay attention to customer service

The brand owner must not forget that the first goal of WhatsApp business is to provide optimal customer service, whatever the secondary goal of WhatsApp Business, successful customer service should take their utmost care. 28% of customers expect to receive a response to their inquiries via WhatsApp within at least an hour, which means that business owners and brands should be interested in meeting their aspirations to increase the confidence of individuals and encourage them to make the most appropriate decision regarding the acquisition of products and services offered by the brand.

WhatsApp Standard or WhatsApp Business, which is better?

Comparing the two applications without making clear to the user what he wants to obtain after using it is wrong. The normal WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging programs to communicate with friends or customers directly when their number does not exceed the number of fingers on the hand, but with the increase in the number of customers and the expansion of the work area beyond relationships Personal, it's different.

That is, if his activity has become a brand or a small company, it is better to use the WhatsApp Business application, because of its great features and capabilities to achieve high levels of professionalism in communication between the user and the project owner.

FAQ about WhatsApp business

Here are a number of common questions that come to the user's mind when they hear about WhatsApp Business for the first time:

Can WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business be used at the same time?

Yes, both applications can be downloaded and worked on from two different numbers on the same device without overlapping the work of one with the other, as the WhatsApp Business application is completely independent of the normal WhatsApp application for communication.

Can WhatsApp business be used on a computer?

Of course, as is the case with the traditional WhatsApp application, WhatsApp Business users can use it via a computer by entering the WhatsApp Web site and following the account opening instructions.

Can more than one person use the same WhatsApp business account?

Yes, but it varies depending on the nature of the WhatsApp Business application used. For example, two people can use the same account via the regular application, by using the application installed on the phone and WhatsApp Web.

While for the WhatsApp Business API, the matter is a little different, as the program is mainly directed to medium and large companies that need to have a large number of people in the customer service department, and therefore the previous method is useless. The owners of the WhatsApp Business API can connect a large number of devices and independent administrators on the same account, allowing for fast and successful customer services.

WhatsApp Business is one of the leading applications in the field of meeting customers and answering their questions and inquiries, in addition to being one of the first aids for companies and emerging brands in accessing the best customer services, without the need to incur a lot of costs and burdens, which positively affects the performance of These companies are supported and supported to achieve more profits and success.

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